Lenovo Blade Servers [EOL] Review

Great value for money but be sure to have all the right components to prevent data loss if using the disk storage system.

Valuable Features:

I recommended the purchase of an IBM BladeCenter S Chassis with four HS 22 Blade Servers and 1 Disk storage system. I came up with the recommendation after reviewing other blade servers at that time. The other option was an HP C3000 with BL460 blade servers. What sold me with the BladeCenter S was the built-in disk storage system. For me, this is a great feature as you technically have a direct-attached disk storage system on the blade system itself. This for me was the better option than the HP C3000, as there is no need any more to buy a separate disk storage system.

Room for Improvement:

It was quite unfortunate that I lost data while using this blade server. There were a lot of factors, but I believe it should not have happened. I base this from the fact that we haven't lost any data from our HP C3000 enclosure and BL460 blade servers. One of the main things that I believe led to the data loss was the poor eco-system of vendors and knowledgeable solution providers for IBM in our part of the country. The vendor that sold us was just box-pushing the product without adequate knowledge in providing a solution that should not loose any data. I say this because we have another blade system from Cisco and it just works. We have a very knowledgeable system integrator and they provide excellent support. I just wish IBM here would also do the same.Overall, the product has great value for money. Under the right circumstances, I would definitely recommend this product. You should select a vendor that is knowledgeable about the solution and offer all the necessary components to protect the disk storage system from catastrophic data loss.

Other Advice:

Also, make sure that you include implementation services as well. Though I was able to successfully configure the blade system without any help from the vendor or IBM representatives, it took a lot of time and a lot of experimentation. Implementation services can cost a lot, but for me it would be well worth it considering the investment on this product is significant.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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We run Blade Servers in our data center. I must say that the performance is marvelous and the support we get from IBM is just great. Although they do not have a support center in my country, they are always there to assist; if possible someone travels to our company and country to assist or we have someone in our team travel to the nearest country where they have an office for training. This can be expensive for us but the benefits we get when the servers are up and up are much better, and worth it.

02 June 13
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