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In the February 2012 Magic Quadrant report, Gartner...

In the February 2012 Magic Quadrant report, Gartner cautions that "LogiXML is in the cross hairs of competing low-cost alternatives from open-source vendors and Microsoft". Additionally, although they have recently received new funding, they still have more limited resources than other BI vendors.

Have you found that Logi's limited resources have effected the dependability of their product?

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It is a niche product in BI space which undergoes rapid consolidation.

As a low cost alternative to Oracle, Microstrategy,Tableau, Spotfire, QlikTech is has it loyal customer base. Aimed squarely at small business it is branching out to OEM as an embedded component (so companies are getting to use LogiXML without realizing it - not good for brand visibility)...So it competes with open source alternatives at the bottom, and gets squeezed by free/low cost versions of the enterprise vendors' software from the top..they have no presence in the large enterprise to speak of, mostly being used alongside more established products.

Without deep pockets they might just not be able to keep up with all the innovation happening in the BI space unless they get acquired by a heavy-weight like Oracle or Microsoft. How long they can compete without being acquired - is a $64k question but while they are competing they have a solid product (as long as one does not need the "bleeding edge" capabilities).

So, I would not worry about dependability for time being...Especially if you an SMB but there might be a valid concern for large enterprises thinking about "futureproofing" their enterprise BI solutions.