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It provides a centralized, single-pane-of-glass ability to pull all of our performance monitoring and alerting into one platform.

Valuable Features

It provides a centralized, single-pane-of-glass ability to pull all of our performance monitoring and alerting into one platform.

Improvements to My Organization

We have our trending and forecasting on any type of statistics we can pull out of the system for every type of device and technology we put into it.

It's a platform that allows us to put custom business requirements into the system, so we are able to pull information out of databases or other business-proof applications, and present the data in a dashboard that is useful.

Room for Improvement

There are some ways to handle alerts that could be improved. Specifically, they should make improvements in the templates and specifically when an issue happens, and it sends out an alert, there should be multiple audiences that would receive that alert. For example, you send terminology to a customer, and you would like to have the template say something different for each group of people receiving that.

The performance engine also needs some work. They are working on it, but only as part of pointing out some of the reports or the graphs that you can use within the product. It is difficult to pull out reports that can be delivered to customers.

Use of Solution

We started using it about eight to 10 months ago.

Deployment Issues

We've had no issues deploying it.

Stability Issues

There is not much going on other than the scheduled maintenance windows for product improvement, in which case we didn't have any service disruptions. I would definitely say it has been stable.

Scalability Issues

We are a pretty organized service provider. We have found a couple niche areas that needs some improvement, but overall we have been able to throw thousands of devices into the system, and our response time, access, and all that stuff has been as updated as we wanted on day one with one device.

Customer Service and Technical Support

They are very knowledgeable. We have a good relationship with the staff up and down, so that has been helpful. However, they have a connecting engineer-type of function they require that works really well. To get someone to take a look at issues while being very responsive a normal support organization is good, and we haven't had any reason to escalate beyond normal support. We have had to engage people for other reasons in the business, but they're very responsive.

Initial Setup

In comparison with what we've done with other tools or other employers and some other markets, it is very straightforward. It is a hosting system, so there is no set up on the backend. You just have to install some software and start doing some configurations.

Other Solutions Considered

During our evaluation, we were trying to find a consolidation of remote management tools and monitoring, and we could not find a player that did both of them well. So we made a decision to split alerting and monitoring away from management. In doing so, we evaluated a few tools, but the flexibility of the platform was robust for our needs and the different areas we need to get into. Also, it has some alerting things that other platforms did, specifically around text messaging and voice options in addition to the email that we wanted.

Other Advice

Make sure you have a robust understanding of what you want to achieve first. Understand your own environment. Understand what your key points of measurements are for success, or what you are looking for, to make sure you identify those in your own environment before picking out tools is critical.

If you know that you have tons of technology across multiple vendors and want flexibility to do your own thing, this is a good tool. You are probably going to want to make sure you have someone on staff who understands all the different combinations about how technology works together, to make the most use of it.

We're a company that is small and just needs a basic platform to work, but in our space you need to at least have some pretty robust policies and procedures in place, as well as having some staff who can manipulate it as you get to scale.

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