LogMeIn Pro Review
The reliability and ease of use are the most valuable features.

Valuable Features

I'd say, the reliability and ease of use are the most valuable features. You can get going in no time.

Improvements to My Organization

There is nothing like seeing the problem, when the customer reports a problem. Nothing like seeing that problem in action. When you are on the other end, when you are the customer, when you are trying to talk to, let's say, Dell, or anybody else, then you take LogMeIn, to enable them to look at my computer, and then they know exactly what is going on; then the problem is resolved very quickly.

So, this has probably saved, I would say, you can even count it up for a big company, years worth of time, cumulatively speaking, when you take multiple employees into account. Otherwise, problem solving is very, very difficult.

Room for Improvement

When using LogMeIn, you need a separate chat window. Also, you cannot talk when the other party is able to see your laptop, or vice versa. When you're really trying to communicate, you're better off actually typing, "Hey, don't do that." "Go here." Something like that. Having a nice chat window would be ideal.

Stability Issues

I have had no problems with the LogMeIn stability, and in terms of usage, I've used it numerous times, but have had no problems.

Scalability Issues

The way I think it works, you can deploy it across an organisation, so from that standpoint, I have not had a problem. Some companies use GoToMeeting. My current company uses GoToMeeting as an alternative. LogMeIn came later. Both are pretty highly scalable solutions.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have no experience with technical support.

Previous Solutions

I've been using these things for many years, so previously, I've been using GoToMeeting, which has a different purpose.

There is one other product that they made it ultratrivial: You just get a URL, and you just type it and go.

Initial Setup

The setup was very, very easy. So, from that standpoint, it's very simple; just some client downloads on your laptop, and within minutes, you're in business.

Other Solutions Considered

Even though there are competing products, I would not hesitate to go with LogMeIn.

The benefits I looked for are:

  • Number one, the product works reliably, as promised.
  • Number two, the simplicity aspect of the product.
  • Number three, if there are any self-service videos. If there is a problem you don't quite understand, look at a training video. So you're not sitting and reading, or trying to call somebody.

Other Advice

There are several alternative setups available, which are probably cheaper. I would ask any potential customer to check more and more; to evaluate it carefully, for multiple features administered, and then make sure that it works every time. Because, as this is a frequently used product, you don't want headaches with it. It is not like something else, numerous people are using it, and numerous people are using it frequently. So, you don't not want trouble with this kind of product. Otherwise, too many people will be calling you.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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