LogMeIn Rescue Review

Hugely helped to decrease the time it takes to handle support issues

What is our primary use case?

We're a software company and our support staff uses Rescue to help our customers who are in a pinch and for regular maintenance. It's a tool that we use to take over servers because that's typically what most of our support works on. But we also use it to pop into an iPad for a sales rep out in the field who's struggling. 

It's a SaaS model. It's an app that resides on our technicians' computers but it goes through their Cloud.

We primarily use the LogMeIn Central program for established connections. But LogMeIn Rescue is a little easier to get into when you're in a pinch. If somebody is really in trouble, Rescue has been a great supplement to the other LogMeIn products that we've used for decades.

How has it helped my organization?

The speed of getting in there and resolving a simple problem has improved my organization. That's the key to this whole thing. When COVID first broke out, we went around to all of our customers and helped them set up their users who are now working from home. Rescue was key in being able to do that quickly. We typically charge for this support time but during COVID, we offered that service for free.

It was really critical for us to be able to get in there, get them set up, get out of there, and not spend a lot of money on things that weren't really our responsibility. When we were getting into people's home computers, it can be a bucket of snakes if we're not careful. It was really nice to get in there, install our stuff, get out, and move on to the next one.

I actually had a temp that I hired, who came in just for that purpose. It's somebody I knew who I just brought in for extra labor to help us through that workload. It's a very easy product to get people started on if they have basic tech concepts. The customer's experience is completely simplified. It's great.

Rescue does offer quite a lot of power. As far as the technical tools to go through and look for problems and to apply patches, you can save your work and apply the same setting changes and stuff to another computer when you get into that other computer. We don't use it that often but the automation aspects of it are pretty powerful. We only use that for our internal systems but it's a great tool for that.

We don't use its Access Wizard to enable mass deployment of the unattended access features. We really use this tool for ad-hoc support. We use this in emergency situations and as an alternate way of getting in there. If we're going to get into supporting a system, we would use their regular LogMeIn-based product, LogMeIn Central. That's where we would do all that kind of automation. We wouldn't do that in Rescue.

Rescue has hugely helped to decrease the time it takes to handle support issues. It really dropped the cost of doing support for our customers. All of the LogMeIn tools in one way or another are helping us to do that. We've been doing this for a long time. We've been in business since '77, and we've tried all sorts of different tools, which is unusual for a software company. The reason we went with LogMeIn was because of the security and ease of use. Security was a big thing. It was the security and ease of use, as I literally can get anybody in here, even if they're not IT, and get them onto a customer's system and help the customer through something that might not be that technical. We used to have to pick up the phone and walk people through every screen. Comparing Rescue to modern era remote control over the internet, if we didn't have these tools, we'd have to have two and a half times the staff. There are fifteen staff members between Join.me, LogMeIn Rescue and LogMeIn Central.

If I'm trying to get LogMeIn Central installed and I'm dealing with somebody who doesn't know the difference between the right and left mouse button, I'll pop in Rescue and then I'll install the Central product. The purpose of Central is it's just there forever, whenever you want to pop it in the machine. Although Rescue can do the same thing, Rescue tends to be more of a one-time connection, a hotspot connection to just pop in there and put out a fire and move on. Customers expect it these days. If you don't have it, you're in trouble, customers don't want to learn IT.

My customers exclusively sell cleaning chemicals and PPE. So the COVID situation has sometimes tripled their business and it's a unique niche market where they don't have time for things. Rescue allows me to almost be invisible, go in there, solve the problem, and let them continue doing their work. The more invisible I can be and the less I'm sitting there on the phone, walking them through it, the less I have to drag them through the process, the more they can be making the world safe. Rescue is a mission-critical tool with the way it allows you to do stuff, get in there, get out, and get the job done. Even if I had three times the staff or two and a half times the staff to go do that stuff, we'd lose customers because they would not have the patience to be dragged through all that stuff.

Rescue has increased our customers' and users' satisfaction. It's the tool that we use when they throw their hands up in the air, whether they're on an iPad or they're on a server. 

Another good example of how it has helped us is with all of the hurricanes that have been coming in this year. This happens to us every year. We'll talk to a customer and realize, they're saying, "Hey, I'm in the path of the hurricane. I want to grab a backup before I leave the building." Because of Rescue and the other LogMeIn tools, we can instantly get in there and solve a problem. We had a customer that get hit pretty hard. Three-quarters of their building roof was ripped off and we had the backup running in a couple of hours because we had gone in and made sure that they took the back up with them when they left the building. They were right in Lake Charles where the last two hurricanes came through. So, Rescue has absolutely made the customers 100% happier just knowing that we can help them out in a pinch and so quickly and easily.

This has increased their willingness to call when there's an issue quite a bit with the extra services we've been offering since COVID. They've been more willing to turn things over to us and let us do the work. It's also because they're so busy. The fact that they can see us made them more comfortable. The other day a customer said, "I feel so much better knowing you guys can go in there and check things for me now."

Everything we do helps them with productivity because we're an industry-specific package for them. They can't invoice their customers and they can't see what they bought if our systems aren't working. They're highly dependent on us. They're absolutely more dependent and happier to turn it over to us than ever.

What is most valuable?

They've thought of everything in terms of features. It's got all the little drill-down details and capabilities to apply patches and other stuff like that. I don't use everything they offer but you can go wherever you want to take this tool. It's been around for a really long time. We try as much as possible to train our staff to take care of their own systems and train our customer staff to take care of their own systems.

There's a little laser pointer feature that you can pull up on the screen and say, "No, over here, click on this." That's very educational. It's a simple thing but when you're trying to get people to take responsibility and learn to take care of their own infrastructure, being able to just point at something while you're viewing their screen, as well as, take over their screen, is very valuable.

In terms of the ease of use, I've gotten people in there who take to it right away. Once you're connected, it's very easy. It is very easy for the customer to connect. We use every remote control program out there. The reason that we go with this one is because it is extremely simple and quick to get the customer to connect.

There are other products like Join.me that do screen sharing and stuff but they're not as easy to get the customer online. If I have a sales rep out in the field on an iPad, who's losing his mind because he can't get something to go through, I can literally just have them go to a website, click on a button, and boom, I can see his screen. I can calm him down and just say, "Okay, the button you're looking for is on the right-hand bottom."

What needs improvement?

Nothing's perfect but I think it's really a great tool just the way it is. The suggestion that I made to them at their user advisory board is that they combine the two products, Rescue and Central, into one because you really should have both. A bunch of the other people in that meeting very much liked that. 

The product itself is really well-developed. You can tell the people who designed it were all support techs, and they've really worked on giving you every bell and whistle you might want. Other than how it's marketed, I wouldn't have a lot of other suggestions on changes.

For how long have I used the solution?

I have been using LogMeIn Rescue for about two years. 

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

Rescue is probably the most reliable, quick connection utility that we've seen, even including the other LogMeIn products, which is why we bought it. The only time that we haven't been able to connect to somebody and successfully complete a task was when they simply didn't have the security access or rights to the device that we were connecting to. Plus or minus the internet connection going down in the middle of trying to get online on there, it's pretty flawless.

We haven't experienced any downtime from them yet. They did a maintenance thing over the weekend and they sent out a notice stating that for a few hours, they were going to be doing something on their end and the services would be offline, but we haven't experienced any downtime. I have experienced downtime with other products that we've used, but I haven't seen LogMeIn have any downtime on any of their products.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

The scalability looks really good. In fact, we're going to keep on adding seats. I love the way they bundle it. I have people in every time zone, so I actually can have shifts and if I want to switch to a 24-hour shift, the same seat can be rotated between three people, eight hours each.

If I had 45 people working eight hours shifts, that would be 15 people on at the time. I'd only need 15 licenses because I wouldn't have to buy 45 seats. I'd just have to have the same one for the first eight-hour shift and that works for the guy who relieves him and the guy that relieves him. It's nice.

The staff that use it use it two or three times a day and likely for anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes in each session. If we're going to get in for a longer connection, then we'll install the full LogMeIn product because that's not just a Rescue situation and putting out a fire type thing. That's ongoing maintenance of the system.

We would use Central at that point. There's some product overlap there. We're a little different. If I'm contracting IT support, my need to get into that system once a week or even once a month may not exist as much. For us, we're getting in there on a regular basis once or twice a month, sometimes more, especially during startup and upgrade projects and stuff.

For us, LogMeIn is the key product for that but I could see other IT companies just using Rescue differently than we do because we have a little bit different use cases and using it as just an ongoing thing. If I was just IT for hire, I probably would only use Rescue and not Central. Rescue is just so easy to get people connected, that we'll go in there, get connected, and then install LogMeIn Central for ongoing maintenance and such.

How are customer service and technical support?

The technical support is quite good. They're one of the more knowledgeable groups within the LogMeIn group because LogMeIn has some products that are meant for the masses more than Rescue. They have millions of Join.me users who just share screens for quick meetings. That's a different level of product tech support. The Rescue people tend to be very advanced and really knowledgeable about the product. For all their products, they're very good for support, but the Rescue tech I've talked to are very knowledgeable.

Which solution did I use previously and why did I switch?

We have used TeamViewer. We've used Microsoft products like Remote Desktop and variants of that. The reason we went with LogMeIn is that it is the one product that we have never seen hacked. The security and the reviews from the people I trust that use it was really important to us.

To have products like Password Manager available that are designed to work with the other suites of products really increases the security. Good luck finding another Password Manager that is designed for enterprise IT and keeping passwords close to the vest like that one is. I know it's a different product, but all of the security built into their suite of products is really relevant here.

TeamViewer is a lot harder to use. Google products aren't that secure. They were eliminated. TeamViewer is a little more cumbersome. TeamViewer's configuration on how they bundle it is a lot more complex. I think LogMeIn just understands how the product would be used and they're hitting the target on how to implement it. TeamViewer also has a history of being hacked. 

We can't dictate what remote control programs our customers want to use, so we have to use whatever they tell us to use. That's why we have and continue to use all the popular ones. But we've seen with our customers, they eventually get frustrated with them. Some of them may do a free trial on one or another and then eventually when that free trial runs out and they get frustrated with it, they switch over to LogMeIn products.

How was the initial setup?

The initial setup was straightforward. We're pretty skilled at such things, we just downloaded the demo copy and did a test drive of it. Within a couple of weeks, we decided to buy it.

We are an advanced group on this topic. When we have trained our other staff, it's taken a while for our less technical staff, but we had a crew of our higher-end people involved in this. We had a sales presentation after we did the app, as our trial was expiring and the guy they had to do the sales presentation was so great. It really solidified exactly how easy it is to use. They have a video library page of all the training videos and they also send out interactive user group meetings and live presentations, where they'll present the product on a certain topic. 

Between the initial presentation which was pretty in-depth and their online learning capabilities, their online learning videos, and live meetings, that's really been all we've needed. I don't have everybody using this product yet. It's still more of our level two, level three techs. We've kind of kept out the level ones. But when I brought in that temp guy, he was like a level one tech, and he took to it in just a matter of minutes. I don't think that the training on this is much more than a 10 to 15-minute orientation.

There are five users who use it in our organization. 

The only part that requires maintenance or administration is just making sure the passwords are secure. I don't necessarily consider that part of Rescue. That's really the only overhead in maintenance. When there's a new patch to the product and you go in, it just upgrades you. So it's really a zero maintenance type situation for us because it's a SaaS model where we've done it on the Cloud, we just log in, and if there's an update, it runs it.

Over the two week trial period, it took half an hour of set up time, the rest of it was just downloading the program and installing it.

What was our ROI?

We have absolutely seen ROI. For us, labor is 75% of our expenses. The more I can keep somebody and move on to something else, the more we lower those expenses.

They have a technician console and they have a management console. I tend to use the management console quite a bit. There are a ton of add-on tools out here. Everything we've ever wanted to use this for has always been out there, but we may not be fully utilizing it that way. We really just use it for putting out fires.

We don't really use it for its functionality beyond remote control, not much more than just the remote control, the training, being able to point at something on the screen, live training types of things. 

Reliability provides us with some peace of mind. They're really a big company, they've made acquisitions of the GoToMeeting suite and continue to grow. The management there seems to have a quality growth track in mind, not just quantity. They're not like a Zoom or something that I'm worried about becoming the next Facebook and compromising privacy or whatever.

I've been doing this for a long time and we've abandoned other companies because their business path didn't seem in line with ours. That goes way back to when companies like Norton offered their pcAnywhere product. The corporation bothered us with some of the stuff they were doing. They would increase prices without increasing functionality to us.

We save two to two and a half times the labor that we would incur otherwise without Rescue.

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

Rescue is fairly priced. They allow you flexibility on the licensing, which makes it a lot easier. I have customers that have abandoned the LogMeIn Central product because of pricing reasons. But the Rescue product is fairly decently priced. I have customers who've based on a recommendation, also bought the Rescue product, so they're using the same thing we are. 

What other advice do I have?

Rescue increases your ability to quickly and efficiently turn problems into opportunities with your customers, by being that person who can put out a fire and allow them to continue normal operations.

My advice would be to start off with a team that is designed to roll out the product and be able to support your team in using the product the way that you want to implement it, and the way that you see it being used within your organization. Then to have that team train the other people on how you would use it.

I would rate LogMeIn Rescue a nine and a half out of ten. Their product is well thought out and completely in-depth to meet any needs that IT support ever run into. Their support team is excellent to work with and understands what we're trying to do and helps us resolve it quickly when we have issues. Including all through the COVID crisis, they've been right there for us and it's just been an excellent partnership with them.

Which deployment model are you using for this solution?

Public Cloud
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