LogMeIn Rescue Review
It helps our tech support staff resolve issues on a first-call basis, no waiting

Primary Use Case

End-user support for staff not currently on our internal network.

Improvements to My Organization

It helps Support Techs resolve issues on a first-call basis, without having to wait for other tools to be freed up or become available.

Valuable Features

The multiple connect methods really help with users who are not tech savvy or knowledgeable about their own computers.

We're able to give the same live support experience, regardless of whether the end-user is on a smartphone or a computer.

Room for Improvement

They need to combine computer and mobile end-user support to be a more streamlined experience.

Use of Solution

More than five years.

Stability Issues

No stability issues.

Scalability Issues

No scalability issues to date.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Tech support has been excellent when engaged.

Previous Solutions

We have other tools that are included in our management systems but they are not as easy to use. We still have them. LogMeIn compliments them by connecting easily to machines that are not currently connected to the company's internal network or via a VPN tunnel. These are not issues for LogMeIn; just an internet-only connection is needed.

Initial Setup

Straightforward and easy.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Pricing is reasonable and easily offsets other costs, while resolving issues in a much quicker timeframe.

Other Solutions Considered

TeamViewer, Timbuktu, Remote Desktop for Windows, and Casper Remote (now Jamf Pro).

Other Advice

The product is a 10 out of 10 for use. Very user-friendly and works across all of the systems our enterprise support team supports. Very useful for accessing and troubleshooting remote systems not currently on our internal network.

Definitely worth trying and removes obstacles to providing immediate support to remote staff.

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