LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Review

We are able to manage the items we have coming in with one product; however, if the client doesn't have a customer in their system, they can’t use it.

Valuable Features

I find that the ease of installation is a valuable part of the solution.

Improvements to My Organization

The consolidation of the logs and being able to manage the items we have coming in -- all in one product -- has really helped this company a lot.

Room for Improvement

The main area of improvement is that the client must be installed on the computer for all of the functions to work. So if the client doesn't have a customer in their system, they can’t use it.

Use of Solution

I have been directly responsible for this install around two years. I worked with LogRhythm at another company for around three years.

Deployment Issues

We didn’t encounter any issues that were not fixable.

Stability Issues

I can’t remember the last time it was down. It’s very stable.

Scalability Issues

The way it’s set up with agents, we can scale very well and if we need to we can just add more hardware to the system. The only limit is the hardware. We have been happy with it.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Very knowledgeable, though I wouldn’t say proactive. When you speak with technical support you don’t actual speak with someone: you leave a message, which I do not like, although they respond pretty quickly.

Previous Solutions

The scalability was the main reason for switching. You never know how much you may need and the ability to quickly adapt is great.

The ability to add something quickly is very important. It's more complete than a lot of products, such as Splunk, but you have to put in a lot of work.

With LogRhythm, security feeds and security alerts are just built in.

Implementation Team

We did migrate recently and had help from LogRhythm.


I’d say we have an ROI. It helps us identity problems before they become issues.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Always plan for more logs than you think you have. Once you start collecting you will realize that you need more than you thought.

Other Advice

My relationship has been very good. When we updated our software we set up weekly meetings which really helped us with reporting. We don’t directly get in touch with support but when we do they solve our problems.

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