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Deployment is quite simple and straightforward and it has a good graphics interface

What is our primary use case?

I work with an organization that focuses on money management. So we usually deploy for organizations such as banks, pension providers, and major IT firms that are interested in this. I've even deployed for micro-finance banks.

People use it to analyze security event information from their servers. It could be from an IaaS server address. They get logs we didn't know how to interpret and it helps them to prioritize. When a device connects, after the analyzation it prompts the administrator depending on the server data entered into it.

What is most valuable?

Customers don't really complain about any particular feature. The deployment is quite simple and pretty straightforward. 

What needs improvement?

The only thing I'd say is to provide log sheets that accurately describe how this solution works. Most times log sheets are not assigned well. You need to contact your support or you need to go to marketing and I don't like that.

Also, a Cloud version would be a major breakthrough. I think it should be looked into because most organizations these days don't want to publish on servers. Also in terms of flexibility, I think a cloud version should be pushed.

Backups are very, very important. We had a situation where because cloud reliability is not 100% when we wanted the backup we needed to re-position the server. So instead of starting from the previous position completely, it would be nice if you could just take the file and install the same version of the ones you want because now if you want to run that backup, you must install the one that was going before. I should be able to replicate the same on another server. I should be able to pick the same file and go. So the backup process is not that easy and not that straightforward.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

I've not really seen any bugs from my own experience. If you are looking at network devices where you might need the SMTP, VP version 1, version 2, or 3. I'm not sure the application supports SMTP version 3. I think they support 1 or 2. So that might also be looked into especially for network devices.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

It's scalable. 

In terms of licensing, it is scalable, as well. Before your clients can go in, first they have to say they want to buy a license. Then you have to get the number of licenses they want. How many administrators do they want to manage the application? So that would tell me what kind of license to buy. In that regard, it's not difficult. Though I've had some challenges in the past where it expired and maybe they just want to renew, something like that. A client is ready to go to the command, CMD, to go to the right tools. Then you go to the license that you applied for before. However, even then, it's not complex at all.

I have successfully deployed for two clients, one is a bank and the second one is a pension fund administrator.

How are customer service and technical support?

I have been in touch with the ManageEngine technical support. They have been amazing when it comes to helping. I remember there was a time I wanted to to see from one database to another and I was stuck. I was able to get a support request to them. They assisted me, they provided the documentation that I needed to follow through. I still had one or two challenges so I went to a remote session with them and they did it for me.

How was the initial setup?

The initial setup is straightforward. 

I've been trained with my organization to deploy this solution and other IT solutions. The deployment varies. It depends on the client. I tend to get clients that are not ready. Their credentials are not ready. Or they are giving credentials that are more of a privilege than is required. So it depends if everything is available. Then it is a maximum of three days to deploy no matter how complex or no matter how large the infrastructure is, and for every other device that you want to bring into the application to do proper monitoring. But most times you discover that the client is not ready, so it's not as simple as that, and you have to wait for around two months. Overall, the application is pretty simple. I can say that because I've installed it three times, as long as all the credentials needed are visible.

What other advice do I have?

The advice I'd give is that if you want to enjoy the solution to the optimal level is to make sure that the credentials are correct and not that you give the credential an expired password. In that regard, if you've on-boarded one or two devices with expired passwords, the application would not be able to approve them because it's not a tool to get information like that.

It's a very nice solution and the graphics interface speaks a lot to that. The different graphs for marks that you can use with color to make sure that you have what you want. You can convert right from the interface and you can choose the kind of report you want. Do you want it to be in PDF? Do you want to get it as CSV? It's pretty nice.

Then the other area that I want us to look at is if you are trying to get a certificate. There was a time we were trying to get the certificate and you had to go to the application to get it. Then you put it in and send that format to your certificate authority. Then bring it back or plug it in. But we didn't find it very straightforward.

I would rate it a nine out of ten.

Which deployment model are you using for this solution?

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: distributor
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