Micro Focus ALM Quality Center Review

The full product is very complex plus the licensing left much to be improved

Valuable Features:

I've been using Quality Center for 11 months.

Improvements to My Organization:

As long as procedures are clear, then anyone can execute the tests. It no longer has to be the person that initially discovered the issue.

Room for Improvement:

Full product is very complex plus the licensing left much to be improved.

Deployment Issues:

No - We were a smaller company than most.

Stability Issues:

No - We were a smaller company than most.

Scalability Issues:

No - We were a smaller company than most.

Customer Service:

No dealings with them or the technical support

Initial Setup:

Unknown as was not involved in initial setup

Implementation Team:

In-house team

Other Advice:

a. Check the licensing as we had to log off from the tool as the company could not afford a license for every person. This was bypassed eventually by having a client performing the login, get your data out and logoff.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatargagneet (SAI Global)

Another excellent tool with similar capability is the one from SmartBear, that is bundled with TestComplete. This ALM tool is cheaper to use and comes with the same technical features as QC and QTP. If someone has not tried using this, I would highly recommend it to you. The learning curve would be the same as you experienced for QC and it incorporates VB as the language of choice. It is based on .NET technology and provides you a stable environment and infrastructure to work on.

author avatarIT Administrator at a tech vendor with 51-200 employees

We were a Linux shop so HP QC was used as there was a port. Looking at the SmartBear web site doesn't show a Linux port so we were restricted by the use of the OS of choice. SmartBear looks good for smaller companies as long as you are running Windows.

author avatarTechnical Test Analyst and Automation Engineer at Unum
Real User

Totally agree with you on the licencing costs and complexity. HPE do seem to use these as an easy cash cow but I always maintain you get what you pay for. I've yet to fully understand their way of doing things even after all these years.