Micro Focus ALM Quality Center Review

Requirements traceability, the dashboard, the camera, and customized notifications of different instances are valuable features I've seen.

Valuable Features:

I administer it, and from what I've seen you can create defects and follow up the resolution with defects based on the scenarios that you have created in default program.

Other valuable features I've seen are:

  1. Requirement traceability 
  2. Dashboard
  3. Camera, which helps us to take a screenshot at a particular instant
  4. Customized notifications of different instances

Improvements to My Organization:

It centralized all the defects in our organization. It also allows us to test scenarios in only one bullet, one database, so it’s easier to manage. All the methodology around the testing scenarios is gathered into the same product, so it’s easy for communications between the business side and the testing side because they all know where to find the information.

I’m not an expert in ALM, but if I have to look into some issues or other occurrences, I can easily find my way around. It’s quite user friendly, I would say.

Room for Improvement:

I supervise the team using and providing support for the product, and there are a couple of things my team feels that could be improved upon.

1) We need to move test cases manually from Test Case module to Test Execution module. This consumes more manual interaction. If this could happen with any in-built functionality, that would reduce the manual work and time involved.

2) Email notification list. Emails are not triggering to any member of the email notification group if just any one of the email addresses is incorrect. So, if one email address is wrong in a group of ten email addresses, no one receives the email notification that they're all supposed to receive.

Deployment Issues:

It has deployed just fine for us.

Stability Issues:

Stability is fine, except for a few pop ups sometimes. We don't understand why we're getting them, but it's generally quite stable.

Scalability Issues:

Scalability hasn't been an issue.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarit_user351915 (Technology Lead at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees)

I'm curious what the authors definition of "traceability" is. What is the requirement traced to? In today's DevOps focused world traceability can't just be from the documented requirement to the test case. Traceability needs to be complete. It should encompass requirements, regardless of SDLC process, to code, test and defect (pre and post production). There are real Application Lifecycle Management tools that do this much better. If you are shopping for an ALM I would encourage you to keep looking.