Micro Focus ALM Review

The advantage is that we can test applications before they go to production.

Valuable Features

ALM is a giant library, and Performance Center and LoadRunner require it to run.

Improvements to My Organization

We use it to support Performance Center and it runs underneath it as one big system. The advantage is that we can test applications before they go to production, and as long as we're testing in a production-sized environment, we have a pretty good idea how an application will perform in production.

Room for Improvement

It's like the overall software framework, and Performance Center is just leveraging that framework for storing things such as tests, scripts and test results. ALM works together with LoadRunner and Performance Center as one big system. As newer protocols are developed and newer technologies come along, it's nice to see HPE be ahead of that as much as possible so that by the time that it's really needed, they're already ahead of the curve and they've got most of their performance issues resolved as far as how the software's going to run.

Stability Issues

The stability on the old versions is good. On the newer versions, the bleeding edge is still being worked on.

Scalability Issues

It's very scalable. No issues with scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Premium support is great, but before that when we just had general support, it was not all that great. We had issues with trying to get support to call us back on tickets and turnaround time on resolution.

Previous Solutions

We previously used IBM Rational.

Initial Setup

It's not exactly straightforward. Their instructions were not all they could have been, but we still got it installed.

Other Advice

As far as we know, it's the best tool on the market right now. They're considered the Cadillacs of the testing tools right now. Don't necessarily go with their most recent version code release right now. It kind of depends on what your needs are and the size of computer shop that you've got.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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