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Micro Focus Content Manager Review
Emphasizes record lifecycle and compliance with government standards.

Valuable Features:

HPE Content Manager 9, and its predecessors, is an excellent EDRMS with a strong emphasis on record lifecycle and compliance with government standards. It provides unparalleled storage and search capabilities, and is an invaluable tool to information management units across all sectors.

Improvements to My Organization:

HPE Content Manager has built-in workflow components allowing users to manage business processes with ease.

Room for Improvement:

Currently in development is a web client version of the software, doing away with the need to deploy full software clients to staff PCs. This web client requires more refinement to be viable as a desktop client replacement.

Use of Solution:

I’ve been using and supporting HPE Content Manager in its various versions and names for around six years.

Deployment Issues:

Deployment comes in two parts: 

  • Server-side deployment, which, depending on the scale of deployment, can be fairly straightforward.
  • Client-side deployment, on the other hand, can be complex.

Stability Issues:

In order to maintain stability, some monitoring from ICT staff is required to catch any anomalies before they become issues.

Scalability Issues:

The system is very scalable with the ability to add infrastructure as required.

Technical Support:

HPE has a self-help web page and a very active forum for HPE Content Manager. When lodging support tickets, the response time is very quick and the personnel are very professional. It helps to include as much information in the support tickets, as often you will be asked the same questions up front.

Previous Solutions:

I have trialed other EDRMS solutions, though Content Manager is the software leader.

Initial Setup:

Initial software setup is straightforward, though quite a lot of preparation is required for the information management processes. As the software is very customizable, the actual configuration for business use requires a lot of input from information management staff.

Implementation Team:

My primary role is actually to implement this solution and, as consultants, I would suggest using vendor/partners.


Content Manager is a software seat license agreement. I would suggest ordering bulk licenses as running out of licenses can be disruptive to business.

Other Advice:

Look for vendors or partners in your area to offer advice.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We are a software partner with HPE.


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