Micro Focus Data Protector Review

The initial setup wasn’t that complex because it recognized all the tapes automatically, but troubleshooting is one of the most difficult ​parts in this product.

Valuable Features

For us there are no features which we could call the most valuable. I think all components fulfill their jobs, but not one more than another.

Improvements to My Organization

I think this product doesn’t improve any processes or functions in our company.

Room for Improvement

We think troubleshooting is one of the most difficult parts in this product. It is hard to find any signs for job errors and why a job did not run successfully.

Use of Solution

We've used the Data Protector solution for more than ten years now.

Deployment Issues

At the moment, we are updating to v9 together with an HP consultant, so hopefully he can help us with our issues.

Stability Issues

No issues encountered.

Scalability Issues

No issues encountered.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:

9/10 - we have not had any bad experiences with support.

Initial Setup

The initial setup wasn’t that complex, because Data Protector recognized all the tapes automatically, and we could adapt some settings.

Implementation Team

We did it in-house with support from a consultant.

Other Advice

Have a consultant available in case there are any issues.

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