Micro Focus LoadRunner Cloud Review

Benefit of StormRunner as opposed to other cloud-based Load testing tools is the ease of scripting. End users should understand this impact.

Valuable Features:

  • The ability to spin upload really fast.
  • The ability to create a script easily against an application.
  • The ability to provision the load so it comes from multiple geographies across the world. 

Room for Improvement:

The documentation could absolutely be improved and scripts. For example, during a performance test, the monitoring graph is not very clear as to what its representing. I wasn’t sure what the graphs represented so my guess is a lot of customers feel the same way.

Use of Solution:

One month - were doing a trial.

Deployment Issues:

No issues.

Stability Issues:

No, the only thing I remember seeing as a “bug” when you hover your mouse over the graph, it will jumps around and doesn’t follow the mouse movement, other than that I don’t remember seeing anything from a stability perspective.

Scalability Issues:

No, but haven’t really scaled it yet.

Initial Setup:

That's where the documentation could be really helpful, apparently I had an older version on my machine, which was creating conflict. If everything had gone as supposed to would have been simple but the documentation could have better and clearer.

Other Advice:

Customers should understand the amount of time it takes to build a script - benefit of StormRunner as opposed to other cloud based Load testing tools is the ease of scripting. End users should understand the impact of the time it takes to build scripts. If StormRunner can save you 50% of your scripting, you need to understand how that translates into value. Expertise of StormRunner and LoadRunner includes these elements.

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