Micro Focus OpenView [EOL] Review

It has a limit on the number of systems that can be managed but it is proactive in heading off failures.

Valuable Features

The intelligent agents which allows for detailed instruction sets to be deployed to systems.

Improvements to My Organization

It is proactive in heading off failures that would be catastrophic to the business.

Room for Improvement

Any product can be improved, regular "enhancement requests" are a part of the way the product is improved.

Use of Solution

I've used it since it was released by HP. I first installed it in 2003-4 to do a gap analysis between 4 products.

Deployment Issues

Some, but all are workable.

Stability Issues

Mostly with the WMI and the SQL database (Microsoft issues).

Scalability Issues

It has a limit, like any product, on the numbers of systems that can be managed.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Average, but a lot depends on the level of support agreement and the responses of the sales representative who sold the product.

Technical Support:

Average, as HP has many methods of disseminating technical information. Again, it all depends on the level of support agreement a customer has; Regular or Premium, and some companies offer additional support matrices.

Previous Solutions

I have used a number including shell scripts to monitor things. Most companies want something "out of the box" instead of unsupported products.

Initial Setup

They have decent documentation on the process.

Implementation Team

All of the above at some point in my career.


If a system or application goes down, and any lag time occurs, depending on how much income is generated or lost as a result, along with proactively monitoring various aspects of an environment the return on the cost is minimal.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Depends on how detailed you develop it and how many systems it is deployed on. I have seen A-Z. Small environments with a few systems and policies takes less, larger ones, more. The product does take considerable care and feeding especially in the later case.

Other Solutions Considered

Generally, I am handed a deployment as a consultant, many times it has been as a result of a company wanting more from a monitoring solution. I have seen it replace many others, but, on the other hand, I have seen it replaced. It generally boils down to a number of factors starting with cost funneling down to the technical expertise of those who deploy and maintain OMW, NNM or OMU/L. Cheaper and easier though do not equate to better in my experience.

Other Advice

Have someone who is skilled and who has experience implement and maintain it. It generally takes two to three years to become proficient with all the nuances of the product line, just being a good technician and taking all the prescribed classes are not qualifications for installing and maintaining the product. I have watched scores of those who did that wash out.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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William LinnConsultant

Unbiased review.

24 June 15
Sales Manager at a tech services companyReal User

nice solutions by HP

12 July 15
William LinnConsultant

The road map for this product indicates a move to a different strategy and tool to monitor enterprise environments. OMi will eventually suplant all previous versions of OM-W, OM-U and OM-L. The web interface will be a lot more user friendly. I have worked with the tool in two previous environments. A major change is the ability to roll agents out directly from the management server. This should not be a problem as many customers of the previous versions already install agents manually.

13 July 15
William LinnConsultant

Unfortunatly HP has an that the OM product will become obsolescent per the below link;


I have had four previous customers who used the product review the BSM product and find it lacking, my own experience in two customers sites ( Express Scripts and GulfStream ) also shows the BSM product lacking as it could not generate alerts up to the console, and they missed several critical events. One 30 Year HP customer Georgia Pacific has decided to move all monitoring from HP solutions to SCCM ( SCOM). Seems HP has taken what was formerly a Gartner quadrant product, and with the de-coupling of NNM and now the inability to push agents directly from the BSM/OMi console made the monitoring solution all but useless. They tout BSM being a ground up buit solution, but it looks like a remake of what those of us who have been doing this knew as "Service Navigator" repackaged. Which was a defunct product HP could not sell, whatever happened to the old HP where innovation and an "Invent" philosophy ruled the day? Perhaps it is the new paradigm of faster better cheaper which drives all IT these days.

31 August 15
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