Micro Focus Service Anywhere [EOL] Review
The user experience is the most valuable element - it looks and feels like the websites our users expect from a modern website.

Valuable Features:

The user experience is the most valuable element of Service Anywhere - it's modern and intuitive out of the box, and it looks and feels like the websites our users are used to and expect from a modern website. Our users love to use the self service portal, and our agents can easily and quickly deal with requests through features such as Live Support that make it very easy to have all knowledge and previous requests at our fingertips.

Hot topic analytics gives us great insight into what our users are searching for to greater target future knowledge articles and offerings. They also allow us to see what problem areas are developing across requests.

Improvements to My Organization:

Our users have traditionally been slow to adopt new systems, and in the past have not raised requests in our previous ITSM systems. When we launched Service Anywhere to our staff we found they instantly adopted it, and the number of requests handled through the system has almost completely replaced other methods, allowing us to shutdown several email addresses, and have our staff use one single point of contact in Service Anywhere.

Our agents are spending less time on the administrative side of handling requests, and more time helping our users, and our users report that they feel better informed and in more control over the requests they raise.

From an administrative point of view of maintaining Service Anywhere, a key element to any solution we picked was not to create additional burden on us as a department both in terms of the initial implementation and ongoing improvements. We found the excellent onboarding support from HPE during the implementation, and ease of administration after that have been extremely helpful in reducing the staff time spent on these tasks.

Room for Improvement:

Nothing major, particularly now LDAP integration is available built in. The rapid release cycle has meant most of the features we've been looking to see added have appeared since, and continue to do so.

Use of Solution:

We fully implemented it in April 2016.

Previous Solutions:

We previously had two systems from a merger, BMC Service Desk Express, and a custom SharePoint site. We switched because we needed to move to a single solution, and neither of the existing systems were fit for purpose.

Implementation Team:

We implemented in house.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

Look at the concurrent agent licensing, which has saved us a lot of money.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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