Micro Focus Service Anywhere [EOL] Review

It comes with out of the box capability - a good product with a good feature set. We'd like it to be more flexible.

Valuable Features

The product has enterprise capabilities and it comes with out of the box capability. Within the target domain, I think Service Anywhere is a good product with a good feature set.

Improvements to My Organization

With our customers, the improvement to the organization is limited. I think the value proposition for a certain type of customer is strong. It's what HP says itself, the product itself: the fact that it's easy to upgrade, easy to control, it doesn't offer much variation. The environment will only allow pre-scripted modifications, and style-sheet driven visual changes.Therefore, it's a pretty stable product. Those are good things. Typically in the customers that we work with it's not a product that offers enough flexibility to support their needs. I don't consider it an enterprise-level product.

In the Enterprise domain, because of the diversity of such an environment, it is typically not feasible to implement a rigid, "one way" system. There will always be requirements that aren't readily available in the OOB system, or are add-ons to support a specific way a process was implemented, or the way a process needs to support the way an organization does its business.

SAW doesn't support these kinds of tweaks to processes, but only allows changes to the process composition (number of steps, order of steps).

Room for Improvement

The proposition for Service Anywhere for our customers typically is limited because we service larger customers in the go-to market and in the usability. It doesn't have the flexibility that we seem to be needing for our customers in terms of modification. It's difficult to make because the product itself doesn't really support individual modifications so anything you do to it needs to be good for the entire community.

Use of Solution

The only thing I've experienced with this is at the PoC level, not actually doing live implementation.

Stability Issues

The application is stable; it's more where environmental changes impact what you do and how you look at it. Increasing the reach of the application adds additional work.

Scalability Issues

It's fully cloud, so there's really no scalability issue, not in capability and also not in deployment. If you have certain modifications, a lot of customers want certain enhancements to fit their process or the way they do work, and there is a limited capability within the product, which is inherent to the way the product's been designed. It's not a surprise but it is what it is.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I don't have any support experience with them for Service Anywhere.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

If you're willing to compromise, it's a good value for what you implement and it keeps you straight as well.

Other Solutions Considered

Depending on how they go, there's probably two or three vendors that work in the same domain. Depending on how rigid they want to be, there are some alternatives.

Other Advice

I think the challenge with anything that's process driven, which is what the old Service Management domain is, you need to be willing to compromise between your organization and your tool set if you want to go with Service Anywhere, which by itself is not a bad thing because it saves in terms of implementation cost and maintenance cost. For any larger service management application, you're spending serious resources, in terms of keeping the application up to date and making modifications. That all goes away if you use Service Anywhere because you don't have that much maintenance.

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: My company is an HPE partner.
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