Micro Focus Service Anywhere [EOL] Review

Its self-service portal has provided valuable information to the users, a single point of contact and knowledge base access.

Valuable Features

Big data and analytics are the product’s most valuable features.

Improvements to My Organization

Since the Service Anywhere (SAW) implementation, we have improved in two major aspects:

  • User experience: SAW’s self-service portal has provided valuable information to the users, a single point of contact and knowledge base access.
  • Efficiency: Big data functions and analytics provided valuable information for decision-making about the capacity of human resources.

Room for Improvement

Integration: The integration capacity of the tool is limited. It supports REST/API integration, but it has many limitations. The clearest example is the SAW-HP PPM integration. You can build an integration between the two platforms, but this will not provide much value because there is limited data available.

Use of Solution

I have used it for two years.

Deployment Issues

This SaaS solution only supports ADFS technology and doesn’t support VPN connections.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Online support or SaaS support is really good.

Previous Solutions

We choose this product because we needed a SaaS solution and this platform has many valuable functions that our previous tool didn’t, such as a training self-service portal, big data & analytics, knowledge base and “real” ITIL compliance. ITIL processes modeled in SAW are REALLY good. I think that you can have a good processes model just by using out-of-the-box SAW processes.

Initial Setup

It was a straightforward setup. If you are implementing new processes, you can use out of the box models. If you want to build custom processes and business rules that may be as complex as you want, I recommend having ITSM expert consulting support during the project.

Implementation Team

We did the implementation directly with HP. HP Latin America consultants do not have the required skills and knowledge for SAW implementation or it was insufficient.

Other Advice

I recommend reviewing your IT processes before implementation begins to identify gaps and set realistic goals. I think that it could be helpful to have ITIL-trained staff and not forget the importance of MoC (organizational change) planning and support.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: My company has an alliance with HPE.
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