Micro Focus Service Manager Review

One of the big benefits that’s come out of this is a centralized view of all IT operations that really enable us to shift resources.

Valuable Features

One of the big benefits that’s come out of this is a centralized view of all IT operations that really enable us to shift resources (people and money) in a real-time way to accomplish whatever we need.

Improvements to My Organization

If our company has availability issues or we need faster project timelines, or whatever our business need is at the time, this solution is able to allow us to shift our needs properly.

Room for Improvement

In the next release, I would like to see easier integration with the other tool sets, such as UCCB, business service management, etc.

Stability Issues

Extremely stable – I have one person that manages all of it and it’s totally fine.

Scalability Issues

Once you get the reference architecture, you just have to add people and the same product.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We don’t have that many problems, but when we do have one, as long as we escalate effectively, it gets resolved in a timely fashion.

Previous Solutions

We bought every product HP offered back in 2007 when the Intel craze was sweeping the IT industry. We were running BMC Magic Solution before.

Initial Setup

The product is easy to set up to operate the way the software was designed. However, our IT shop wanted to operate a legacy mode, so we had to re-train our team to learn how to use the software the way it was intended to be used as designed by HP.

Other Solutions Considered

BMC and CA. We chose HP because their functionality seemed to be fairly better, their product offering seemed to touch every area of our company’s needs, and we wanted to integrate it completely into our business.

Other Advice

We wanted to align with Intel, we wanted them to be a cloud offering, and we also needed a technology market leader that could offer diverse set of offerings. So for us, we wanted to invest in one company that could service all of our needs across the board.

We will upgrade to 9.40 before the end of the summer, but there are still some adoption issues. We struggle with and the simplicity of getting reporting data at a high level, and output is not where it needs to be for us. But as far as having an easily supportable and deployable product, it’s really changed the work we manage IT in the company.

Call HP, call BMC, call CA, call Service Now. Be skeptical of the guys that say “we can do whatever you want”. Partner with somebody that has a vision of how IT service management is supposed to work and shift your business in that direction.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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