Micro Focus Service Virtualization Review

It is scalable, and supports a wide variety of message formats and transports.

Valuable Features

It is a scalable solution, capable of handling ~3,000 TPS. It supports a wide variety of message formats and transports.

Improvements to My Organization

  • Shift-Left by enabling Build and QA teams to conduct Development Integration/ API / Performance / System Integration Testing
  • Remove wait times for constrained services and speed delivery
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Eliminate expenses from dev/test access to third-party services
  • Reduce downtime risk

Room for Improvement

As a design partner, our company has been working closely with HPE SV R&D and identified a number of improvements and enhancement recommendations that have been incorporated into HP SV releases.

Use of Solution

I have used this solution for three years.

Stability Issues

We have not encountered stability issues with the newer versions.

Scalability Issues

I have not encountered any issues with scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Overall, technical support is good, but sometimes due to the complexity of the request, the support gets delayed and transferred to R&D late in the process.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was straightforward. It was easy to implement.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated CA LISA, Parasoft, and IBM GreenHat before choosing this product.

Other Advice

Work together with the Dev and Test teams. Understand what your needs are before you virtualize everything. There’s no benefit to virtualize everything: Analyze, design the solutions, and then start virtualizing.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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