Micro Focus UFT Developer Review

I'm not really a developer per say, and I was able to pick it up fairly quickly.

Valuable Features

LeanFT's been very good. It's a little more complex than standard testing products like the standard UFT. It's a little more developer oriented. I'm not really a developer per say, but I was able to pick it up fairly quickly.

Room for Improvement

I think the biggest issues that I've seen, and this is a personal view of mine, is that most of the HPE products have a common look and feel to them. I'd really like to see it be a little more customizable to a use and user standpoint. For example. I happen to be colors blind, so I'd like to see more vivid colors on the UI, and things like that. It would make it a little more flexible from the customer standpoint.

Use of Solution

I was formally an HP employee, so I've used the HP products in the past. I also was a former Mercury Interactive employee who was acquired by HP.

Scalability Issues

It's been extremely scalable as far as the testing that we've done with our customers. They've all been really satisfied with the scalability of the HPE products.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We've gone through the standard customer support and it’s been good. It's not quite to the level that an R&D would be, because they really get really under the covers to fix things.

Initial Setup

Since it was a slightly different way of doing things, it was a little complex. It was just the idea of ... this is something new that we have to understand. It wasn't like we're building on a product that already existed, it was right out of the box. It's fairly new, so it was a little more complex that way but R&D made it very easy.

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We're partners.
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ITCS user

author avatarDon Ingerson
ExpertTop 5Consultant

Mike, how would you compare LeanFT vs UFT? In other words, what are the pro's and cons of using LeanFT over UFT?

author avatarit_user469167 (Solution Architect at a tech company with 501-1,000 employees)


Although LeanFT comes with UFT, the two products are geared to different audiences.

UFT is Visual Basic based and is relatively easy to understand. It allows the tester to automatically create a script (including the object repository) simply by navigating through the application under test (AUT). UFT comes with approximately 15 add-ins that support various application environments. The audience for UFT is the QA team.

LeanFT runs within a developers IDE and is Java based for Eclipse and C# based for Visual Studio. There is no automated way to create a test by navigating through an app. Everything is created manually. There are some shortcuts for developing application model (similar to an object repository). There are approximately five SDKs available (similar to the UFT add-ins). The LeanFT audience is the developer. The advantage for developers is that they don't have to learn another product to create unit tests.

You can install UFT with LeanFT on the same workstation, but you may only use one product at a time.


author avatarDon Ingerson
ExpertTop 5Consultant

Mike, thank you for the comprehensive answer. I am very familiar with UFT and VBScript. However, I have not had time to install and assess LeanFT. You did an excellent job detailing LeanFT and that it is geared more towards developers.