Micro Focus UFT One Review

The next wave : QTP (I mean UFT) or Selenium?

QTP has ruled the automation tool market in the last decade. There is absolutely no doubt on this. If you have any doubt on this, (I know we are testers, doubting is in our blood. After all, we dont trust developers code as well) gather around 100 manual or automation folks and ask them how many of them have heard about QTP and take the count of who all have raised their hands ( Count it properly, some lazy folks would only raise their hand partially, fearing as if they will be hanged if they raise their hands completely). Now, ask them how many of them have heard about other tools like Watir, Squish, TestComplete, TestPartner, AutomatedQA, AutoIt, MAUI(Shhhhh… This is Microsoft Proprietory tool),Fitnesse, Cucumber, etc. The verdict is out there. QTP has been the King (or queen or Mount Everest or giant or whatever you call it) in the last decade.

I started my career with automation tool development and still continue to do so. Few years back I was bitten by QTP. Started with 9.2, then 9.5 (First from HP, after it acquired Mercury Interactive Systems), 10.0, 11.0 etc. Though there are several bugs in QTP but HP folks have always managed to release a patch in a jiffy. The problem with QTP is that it is ridiculously over priced per seat license. Quite a tough proposition in this cost conscious world.

Here comes Selenium. No other tool has (ever, ever, ever) came closer to QTP than Selenium. Nowadays, there are many folks discussing about Selenium in various forums/ discussion board. What makes Selenium so much in demand? Selenium (Symbol Se) is a chemical substance having an atomic number 34 in the periodic table (If you dont know what is a periodic table, then probably you were not paying attention in your chemistry subject in school) which is used to treat the poison of another chemical substance called Mercury. (Now, you know why the Thoughtworks guys named it Selenium) Btw, ThoughtWorks is one of the best firm. If you are working there, time to pat your back and shout with all your lung power “I am with the best”.

Selenium is free (I still wonder how this folks make money). Selenium is a free addon in firefox. Coding is done in Java language (Trust me Java is a damn powerful language). Gets integrated with other tools like FitNesse.Most developers nowadays use Java as their preferred programming language. Selenium has an edge here.

Having said that UFT 11.5 Rocks !!! I was fortunate to have attended a meeting on UFT 11.5 by HP QTP Development Lead. I was blown away by UFT. A totally revamped product.

Only time will tell, if Selenium can stand up to its name and treat the poison of Mercury.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarDon Ingerson
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Mansoor, this is an interesting article comparing UFT vs Selenium. Let's assume that you had the same exact test case, and had an UFT Automation Engineer and a Selenium Automation Engineer. Can you give any insight on the time to automate the test case with UFT vs Selenium? The reason that I ask is because UFT has a lot of built-in functionality and it is my understanding Selenium is almost all coding. Could you please give your thoughts on this?