Micro Focus Voltage SiteScope Review

It has a lot of common API's out of the box, and this saves coding and maintaining these interfaces.

Improvements to My Organization

SiteScope is deployed on our network perimeter, and gives our operations teams an end user perspective of service availability. In the past, we'd get caught up in the old silo arguments. - the server looks fine, must be the network - the network looks fine, must be the applications etc. now with SiteScope, we can show the ops teams that there is a problem from the client perspective, and SiteScope can help determine root cause.

Valuable Features

We use this product for monitoring client user experience. It's easy to template standard monitoring configurations, and automate monitoring configuration. (NOTE: there is some missing functionality in API's). SiteScope has a lot of common API's out of the box, and this saves coding and maintaining these interfaces.

Room for Improvement

Full application functionality available via the API. There are some functions you can perform managing monitors, that are only available through the UI.

Version 11.2X: Within the SiS GUI, you can individually add remote servers, and then configure multiple monitors to use this remote server. Via the API, this is not possible. You must use a template to create both the remote server and monitor. If you need to configure another monitor to use the same remote server, it became problematic. The API also has no ability to configure the stored credentials, and so on and so on. Basically, full automation of the SiS config is not possible, even using HP tools like HP Operations Orchestration, as the application, as I said, does not allow full configuration of monitor components via the API.

There are now subsequent versions released, and I have looked at the API updates included in these.

Stability Issues

We have some ongoing stability issues, specifically with SiteScope monitoring Windows servers via SSH, connecting to OpenSSH. There appears to be a compatibility issue with the SSH client deployed with SiteScope, that causes SiteScope to leave a stable connection open, and eventually SiteScope runs out of resources.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I only deal with HP support, so cannot compare to other vendors. I will say, over the past 12 - 18 months, I'm assuming due to HP's multiple splits and cost cutting, and their attempts to be a somewhat agile software provider, the overall quality of code and documentation has fallen.

Initial Setup

The initial deployment was easy and quick. Ongoing management and hardening can present some challenges, but no show stoppers.

If you read the manual it is quite straightforward and enables you to get a quick ROI. Full hardening and automation can present some challenges, but none insurmountable.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Depending on your requirements, there are two licensing models available. A simple point model, or an endpoint model. Points are consumed simply by number of monitors deployed, so if you are wanting to do end user or application monitoring, you want this one. Endpoint licensing is best suited if you don't have a monitoring solution, and want SiteScope to be your agentless monitor. This way, you can deploy any number of monitors at the one server (e.g. CPU, memory, disc, event log) and if they all share the one remote connections, that's one license. As opposed to the point license, where each check (CPU, memory, disc) is a point.

Other Solutions Considered

As far as agentless monitoring goes, we did paper based reviews of other products, but never PoCs. SiteScope was chosen as we required a supported solution, and obtained entitlements and discounts due to our relationship with HP.

Other Advice

Most answer are found in the manual except for licensing, which you'll need to contact HP for. There is also the SiteScope Community edition I believe, which allows you to use the product for free to test it, but, from memory, limits you to 100 monitors I think.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

11.24, 11.31
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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