Microsoft DPM Review

Fast restores​ improved the business but a recent minor upgrade required a reboot of all of my protected 2008 servers

Valuable Features:

Ease of D2D and D2T backups.

Improvements to My Organization:

Fast restores

Room for Improvement:

In the areas of disaster recovery.

Use of Solution:

2.5 years.

Deployment Issues:

Recent minor upgrade required a reboot of all of my protected 2008 servers. This I considered unacceptable as I had to reschedule an outage window to reboot 100+ servers. 

Stability Issues:

Yes, occasionally protection will stop working say for a simple system state backup.  

Customer Service:

Microsoft support for this product is very good. Open a web ticket and they will call you and still maintain the ticket as a web ticket

Previous Solutions:

Organization used BUExec but migrated to DPM because of Microsoft licensing and cost to maintain BUExec.

Initial Setup:


Implementation Team:

In-house implementation.

Other Solutions Considered:

Not given opportunity by management to evaluate additional products.

Other Advice:

Very good for Microsoft workloads. 

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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