Microsoft UAG [EOL] Review

Forefront Unified Access Gateway (UAG) is a remote access solution that provides a gateway for managed and non-managed endpoints to access corporate applications and resources.

Valuable Features:

- UAG makes it easier for organizations to deliver secure remote access to their applications and resources, and improve employee and partner productivity. - Protect IT assets through fine-grained and built-in access policies that provide access to sensitive data, based on identity and endpoint health. - Consolidate remote access infrastructure and management. - Simplify deployment and ongoing tasks through wizards and built-in policies. - Reduce support costs by delivering a simplified connectivity experience for users.

Room for Improvement:

- Cross site single sign-on, not working between two UAG servers. - It is not possible to use the Network Connector application (a form of VPN) when Forefront UAG is configured as a DirectAccess server.

Other Advice:

Forefront UAG is used to extend and enhance the basic publishing features of Forefront UAG. It comes with extended features like portals, SSL VPN, DirectAccess, and powerful Endpoint Access Policies to control the client devices, when accessing the Forefront UAG server. During a Forefront UAG installation, Forefront TMG will also be installed, but only to protect the Forefront UAG Server. In fact, Forefront UAG acts as an Application Layer Gateway and is the solution for incoming access to internal resources from the internet. For the state of health of the devices being used to gain access and the user's identity, UAG enforces granular access controls and policies to deliver comprehensive remote access, ensure security, and reduce management costs and complexity.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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