Microsoft Visual Studio Review
.NET is great for business apps, editors, anything that doesn't require really optimized code.

Valuable Features:

It provides manageable code execution, it's object oriented, the .net framework comes with, it uses xml to transfer data between the various layers in the architecture, has error handling properties, automatic memory management, disconnected architecture, and is a multi-platform application. It is a consistent programming model, has multi-language integration, and ease of development.

Room for Improvement:

Needs skills, and some versions have less features. One cannot run unsaved code or use generics and operator overloading. It requires a .net framework which xp sp3 doesn’t have.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.



It is very easy to use and learn. Although it's not open source it is good value for your money and creates very powerful windows applications.

19 February 13

I would like to add some more pros: .NET has less complexity, it requires less time to produce a product, by using it is easy to access complex operating system functions, it supports both windows and web applications and by using .NET is easy to create dynamic sites. As cons, I would say that .NET is not suitable for high end applications and it has low performance compared to C and C++.

29 June 13

i would like to point out that .NET is the best platform to create report with tools like crystal report.

26 August 13

Alin Radu....Modules i.e using them in your application it enhances the performance

26 August 13

Yes, you are right Mark, by using functions the developer can get an improved performance.

07 September 13
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