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MicroStrategy Review
Low TCO and flexible. But licensing model is complicated.

Valuable Features:

I think the total cost of ownership is lower than other products, it is flexible and enterprise class.

Room for Improvement:

The licenses model is complicated. New features are slow to get to market (in comparison to other niche tools).
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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Maria YasyukIntegrator

Cannot but agree with the licenses model inconvenience

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I would not agree with you more vicepres5211. They say that cheap is expensive and expensive is cheap. Although MicroStrategy is expensive, no other cheaper BI alternative tools can beat its capabilities and features. Therefore, it's cheaper in the long run despite initial expenses.

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Vinay talekar li?1414330173

Licensing for on premise might be a bit complicated - agree. Cloud options looks much easier as they are different than the on premise ones. But the features and flexibility that you get with the product are really great !!

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