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It helped us create dynamic reports using data from a large database, but sometimes the creation of the registries during setup was not configured correctly making the developer tool stop working

Valuable Features:

The best thing I saw was the excellent mobile integration. The interface is very clean and beautiful. The configuration of devices is extremely fast, you just need to click the link that is sent to you with all the configuration.

Another great feature of MicroStrategy is the SDK, with which you can introduce new charts and customize the whole web environment. You can customize almost everything in MicroStrategy. Finally, the MicroStrategy Community is very active, you can have answers faster than the support sometimes.

Improvements to My Organization:

We provided dynamic reports, using data from a large database. The ability to use in-memory calculations in association with the calculations performed in the queries, made possible to run heavy queries faster, because the the heaviest calculations were performed by the analytical engine. So the query passed less time at the RDBMS.

In another situation, we were supposed to configure MicroStrategy Mobile on many devices. To do this, we made a list of the users, told them to download and install the app, and then we sent them the link to configure the application. In a few minutes, almost every device was configured and running.

Room for Improvement:

The main thing that the company must improve is the support for their clients.

In Brazil I have seen many issues not being resolved for a long time, which makes the clients become impacient and disappointed.

Use of Solution:

I´ve been working with different versions of MicroStrategy since 2011, for different customers such as government agencies, banks and insurance companies.

Deployment Issues:

A common issue during deployment in Windows was that, the registries were not being well configured, then the developer (Desktop) tool stopped running. To fix this issue you need to reinstall the tool.

There are also problems after installing MicroStrategy Web at IIS, and you need to go to the registries and change a specific path to the JNI Bridge.

Stability Issues:

No issues encountered.

Scalability Issues:

No issues encountered, and when we needed to upgrade a machine, we just had to change the memory configuration to use the new memory that was available.

Customer Service:

In some cases MicroStrategy took too long to respond the opened cases, what made the clients very upset and disappointed.

I believe the customer service needs to improve. It can be better.

Initial Setup:

The manuals of the tool are very complete, if you follow that, you are not going to have many problems.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

MicroStrategy need to create cheaper solutions, as nowadays it's too expensive, and sometimes you pay for something that you are not going to really use.

Other Advice:

v10 of MicroStrategy is helping a lot of users by giving them the possibility to add new charts using JavaScript libraries like D3, in a very simple way using Visual Insight.

HTML5 is supported everywhere, so using it will be a game changer.

You must practice! The amount of configurations and possibilities are huge, so, go through the manuals, go through the online courses, participate in the community. There are a lot of things to learn.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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