MySQL Review

MySQL is the most popular Open Source Data Base Management System, developed and supported by Oracle Corporation.

Valuable Features:

1) It is freely available under the terms of GNU General Public License.2) MySQL works seamless on various platforms and environments.3) It is mainly used in Client/Server environment and it can be embedded in standalone applications. 4) Support SQL standards, and also provide Multi-thread environment.5) Offers high performance due to its unique storage engine architecture as well as it's core written in powerful languages such as C and C++.

Room for Improvement:

1) Does not provide good development and debugging tools, so it’s cumbersome to write large SQL statements.2) MySQL uses temporary tables to execute queries, so it consumes more space.3) MySQL is missing some RDBMS features like stored procedures, foreign keys, transaction, rollback, and subselect. And it also does't support triggers.It is widely used in web applications, and several software stacks includes MySQL as a Data Base Management System like (WAMP, XAMPP) considering its flexibility and simplicity.

Other Advice:

And if some one is looking for Database which performs simple processes like storing and displaying data only, then MySQL is the right choice.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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MySQL is an open source database free available under the GNU General Public License, that means developers can use it at no cost as long as the associated projects are also open source.

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MySQL is great to provide a testing ground for new developers.