Netezza Review

We are now able to analyze products, stores, suppliers and sales as quickly as we need.

Valuable Features

  • Easy Deployment
  • No Indexes
  • Extremely fast to respond queries with high amount of data
  • Data distribution based on hashtable concept
  • Zonemap
  • Easy to migrate data

Improvements to My Organization

My customer is one of the biggest retail companies of Brazil. The company uses SAP and other technologies to manage their process but they didn't have an efficient way to process data and take a better view about their business.

The appliance Netezza gave us the capability of process terabytes of data and gave us new directions and ideas to make our business more profitable. We are now able to analyze products, stores, suppliers and sales as quickly as we need to take a decision to handle any kind of issue or prevent loss of sales.

Room for Improvement

Concurrent Queries, with this model (1000-3), we had a very big problem using front-end tools connected on it. When using a dashboard tool to use data directly from the database, I had a big problem with queries being queued and stopped running. Looking at the manual I read that Netezza has a limited number or concurrent process.

Use of Solution

For the last 4 years. I am a data architect responsible for the design, the implementation and optimization of all process related to it.

Deployment Issues

No, I haven´t found any issues.

Stability Issues

No, I haven´t found any issues.

Scalability Issues

Yes. If the Demand for clock or disk space grow over the limit, it will be necessary to change the appliance, because it's not possible to upgrade any component of this machine. You have to buy a new one with a bigger capacity.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

6/10 – Some issues about this equipment I had to discover by myself. I think that the vendor did not give me the best support to use the appliance. The machine is excellent, but I had to discover everything by myself as well figure out how to use the equipment in the best way.

Technical Support:

6/10 – I don't know if it is related to the SLA of my customer, but I think that the things are not as fast as they should be when we need help.

Previous Solutions

I used to have Oracle as my Data Warehouse solution, but despite the fact of it is very good to manage transactional environments, it does not work as fast as Netezza. We have analytical demands so we need an analytical solution. Sometimes we need to retrieve and process our whole table of inventory so it means around 16 billion of rows. Netezza can process all this amount of data and give a result in less than 40 seconds. I have never seen this performance in another database solution before.

Initial Setup

The setup was not complex. It was fine. Initially the vendor gave us all the support, including a hands-on course before using the machine.

Implementation Team

We implemented by ourselves, my team and I implemented everything.


I do not have this information.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I am not able to give this information.

Other Solutions Considered

Yes, I evaluated Teradata and Exadata. Initially I thought that Teradata would be better, so my customer was not able to afford the costs. Now I am sure they made a good choice.

Other Advice

Try to find someone who had already worked with this appliance to have some tips and advices to help you to use it as better as it can. I take too long to discover the best way to make it work well. With my team, I have created a data environment using Netezza as Data warehouse solution, ODI to run the ETL process, shell script. We have now five years of data stored in the Netezza database and we distribute data to all BI Applications easily and quickly. However, it would be better if we had some useful help in the past.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Sr Technical Specialist at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employeesReal User

Hi Leo, this is a very helpful and detailed post I have read so far. Good job!

04 May 16
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