Netezza Review

The fact that the hardware and software are designed to work together is nice.

Valuable Features

  • The speed of the MPP platform
  • The ability to load large amounts of data in very short order
  • The fact that the hardware and software are designed to work together and are supported in unison by IBM

Improvements to My Organization

We can process through more data much faster than we could with prior technologies.

Room for Improvement

More monitoring tools would be nice. I have found no tools within the tool which help with long running query issues. I would like to see the ability of static binds so access path can be counted on.

Use of Solution

I've been using this since 2010

Deployment Issues

There were no issues with the deployment.

Stability Issues

Stability comes and goes. Every software upgrade removes some problems, but introduces others. None have been critical, though.

Scalability Issues

There were no issues with the scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

It's 7/10 as when something goes wrong within IBM, it can take quite a bit to get it straightened out including a phone call to the sales rep to light fires.

Initial Setup

It was a straightforward set-up. You just have to install the appliance, turn it on, and you can start using.

Implementation Team

Netezza themselves set up the machines. We implemented our business rules using a vendor team to get us up to speed on MPP processing.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated this and Greenplum. Netezza won the battle for being an appliance that is wholly supported by the vendor. Greenplum won the individual transaction battle, but it was not enough to overcome the ease of an appliance.

Other Advice

The most difficult time I have with people is getting them to understand that Netezza is not meant for individual transactions, but for full set processing.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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Netezza has a set number of events they include (about 35). Among those is 1 for long running queries. I don't particularly like the way this event works though. I have a solution that I came up with that works under Nagios which works very well. In addition to the 35 events which Netezza has custom events can be added to alert you. As long as you can write a query to detect the state it can be added under Nagios. I did a presentation on this @ Nagios world. Please contact me if you want info on configuration and implementation.

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Agreed. The technical is good except when something needs to be escalated. IBM seems to be good at ignoring.
Also, while it can run some queries really fast, it does not scale well when many users are on it. I figure IBM will address when they decide they want to invest in NZ.

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I do agree that IBM has mad a shift in their support model, which has resulted in very few individuals with the level of expertise to troubleshoot Netezza effectively and timely.

We've had much success with sending long running query alerts to our DBA's and user community. Using Netezza's built in alert we capture the detailed info similar to what you see in NzAdmin as well as the plan. This was accomplished using a get_runawayQuery_info in /nz/support/contrib