NetIQ Identity Manager Review

Allows data changes and passwords to propagate to applications in real time. The UI is hard to configure.

Valuable Features

To my knowledge it is the only event based IDM system. Its supporting directory (eDirectory) also has event based replication. This makes it a very 'real time' system. In short, it is event based and not batch based.

Improvements to My Organization

Being event based, it allows data changes and passwords to propagate to applications in real time. This makes business workflows efficient and instant from both a process and technology perspective.

Room for Improvement

The user facing interfaces are not too friendly and they are also fairly hard to configure. Better alerting/monitoring of connectors/data would also be nice.

Use of Solution

Three years

Deployment Issues

Not particularly. My advice would be to ensure ample time is spent on data quality and also on code testing.

Stability Issues

Not really. A few issues now and then but patches generally come quick enough.

Scalability Issues

No, it seems to scale quite well.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Not too bad.

Technical Support:

OK. Not up to par with bigger vendors like MS and Cisco.

Previous Solutions


Initial Setup

Any IDM will not be simple unless the environment is simple. We have a large complex environment, so setup was complex. Any IDM would have this.

Implementation Team

We used and external systems integrator initially but they were not up to par so an internal team is now being built.

Other Advice

Be sure data quality and code quality is good from the start. Going back over a production environment just makes things hard.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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