New Relic APM Review

We're able to investigate customer tickets much faster with it, and although there are no real-time graphs yet, they're adding it soon.

Valuable Features

The ability to look at applications directly and be able to dig down to server error details.

In APM, we can see error details for things that we never logged before – things that were occurring in our apps that we never knew about. The “a-ha” moment is the first install, and we immediately started to fix things.

Improvements to My Organization

We work in a small team in a startup with a lot of customers. From a customer to a software engineer was a one-step process, so tickets could come directly to me. I could go directly into New Relic to investigate what the customer was reporting and verify what they were saying. We can address those issues much faster with New Relic, which is brilliant. That changed things drastically for us.

Previously, we didn’t know what was broken. Now, New Relic tells us so we can prioritize what our teams work on. More importantly, it gives us the ammunition to go back to our product development team to convince them of the priority of fixing certain issues, which helps us prioritize our team’s activities.

Room for Improvement

Based on what New Relic is adding to the product, they’re adding more real-time graphs and ability to see interactions in real-time. For our business those features could really impact our business.

Stability Issues

Never had any problems.

Scalability Issues

We had agents on servers delivering service from 11 different data centers worldwide. We never experienced a problem. Once the agents were installed, we forgot about them. We've never needed any special maintenance or anything. It scaled really well.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Never had occasion to use it.

Initial Setup

Not involved in the initial implementation, but I was involved in agent deploys and bootstrapping data centers. It was super easy.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

It’s hard to compare it to other vendors because nobody offers the quality of monitoring tools that we get with New Relic. Otherwise, it’s choosing among disparate products.

Other Solutions Considered

When looking, we look at the reliability of the vendor and the level of adoption of the solution we’re interested in.

Other Advice

I feel like it’s the best-in-class, and its differentiator is aggregation and the speed at which you can query large amounts of data. I don’t think any other product gets close. The easy of adoption, also. Start opening up servers and adding agents, and you’re done. You immediately have data.

Just get started. Pick something and try it. Regarding New Relic, you’re going to learn a lot about yourself even if you can’t afford it and you’re going to pick another solution. Too many of us do analysis paralysis on these sorts of things when you should just get started. That’s why trials are so valuable in the vendor space – if you have a way to try it out and you can immediately see the value, you can prove it to someone else.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Thanks for this review. I have seen info New Relic but never had the chance to use it. Good hear your experience was/is good. May I know what other APM tools you evaluated before selecting?