New Relic APM Review

It saves time and engineering resources in terms of making things faster and diagnoses problems. Once in a while the data is delayed on the graph, but that only happens every month or two.

Valuable Features:

The main APM page with the graphs. We leave that up on our wall and we can tell pretty quickly if something is about to go wrong, or if the response time slows down. Database queries are really helpful as they helps to figure out where the low hanging fruit is in terms of making the site faster on the database site. 

I use key transactions a lot when I’m tweaking the resources for the site. There are certain transactions that I care about more than the rest. 

I use the throughput numbers a lot, especially working on workers as opposed to web. If I’m going to add more workers, first I want to know if there will be a bottleneck somewhere.

Improvements to My Organization:

It saves time and engineering resources in terms of making things faster and diagnoses problems. For us, engineering uses it but no one else even knows what it is. Overall, it improves the experience of the customers and site users.

Stability Issues:

It’s pretty solid. Sometimes they have downtime – for the most part the New Relic site is up all the time, but once in a while the data is delayed on the graph (like every month or two), but other than that it works!

Scalability Issues:

It’s scalable – thumbs up. We turn on new servers and New Relic just works.

Initial Setup:

It was already in production when I joined.

Other Advice:

All the information is there, but sometimes it’s hard to figure out what it means. You have to have used it a number of times in order to understand where to look. It doesn’t tell you the whole story, it just gives you pieces.

**Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: I used to work for New Relic.
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