New Relic APM Review

It gives us one view over all our assets, and though I'd like to get more granular data, this may be coming in Insights.

Valuable Features:

The application performance and monitoring. That’s the biggest thing for us as we previously just had a hodge-podge. 

New Relic gives us one view over all our assets. It lets us judge the servers and get a peek at the applications, to figure out if there are any errors.

Improvements to My Organization:

We can make sure sites are up and running and that they’re performing normally. If we see any spikes we can troubleshoot – if they’re in house or in the cloud. Sometimes we can get to the systems faster because of the insights.

Room for Improvement:

The one thing I really wanted to see was to getting more granular with the data, which may be coming in Insights. Being able to say, “What is the customer funnel? Where are they going to my site? How deep are they going?” At least from the demo it seems like they’re doing this in Insights.

Stability Issues:

Very stable. No issues.

Initial Setup:

It was already in production when I joined, but rarely used. Our group and our web assets decided to utilize it after a three month evaluation. We did it just for one application, but now have it installed across the board.

Other Advice:

We’re still evaluating it since it’s relatively new in our environment. Make sure you understand the cost structure and that the solution will work across multiple OSs.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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