OneTouch AT Network Assistant Review

Fluke Networks OneTouch AT HTTP testing

One thing that consumes a lot of time is comparing performance test results.

This basic task is used during support, implementation and for proof of concepts in design. The trickiest test is to run 2 tests; one on WiFi and another on the wired side within the same time frame. Many customers are looking for this kind of test to document and compare performance results.

In this video I use Fluke Network’s OneTouch AT handheld tester to set up a HTTP test over wired and wireless to see how well it performs. In this test I put a URL of a 6 MB file and set the time limit to 20 seconds. If the file is not downloaded within 20 seconds I get a red ‘x’ and the tool shows me how much of the 6 Mb was downloaded as well as DNS resolution and TCP connect times.

In the Add Test screen you can see that there are many different tests. For example, good old ping, TCP connect test if you only want to test to a TCP port or if you have a legacy app, FTP and many others.

The nice part about it is that you can create your tests and when you hit the Test button, all the tests will automatically run or you can manually run the test.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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