Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Enterprise Review

The development tools are easy to use by programmers, and it allows us to use pre-existing standard connectors to our legacy system.

Valuable Features:

The most valuable feature in my experience is that you can develop it just one time for several OS's. This is a native option for MAF, the programming language used by Mobile Cloud Service. You just need to develop or program the app one time and choose the OS on which it's going to run. For example, our CRM application can be executed both in Android and iOS.

It's also available both on- and off-line.

Improvements to My Organization:

We were able to develop an app for our sales reps in just three months, improving their day-to-day tasks. It helped as we did not need to install a development machine as everything is in the cloud. The development tools are easy to use by programmers, and MCS allows us to use pre-existing standard connectors to our legacy system, Siebel.

Room for Improvement:

There are internal processes that need improvement, such as time-off requests and expense report workflows. With the expense reports, for example, we need to collect all physical tickets, fill in an Excel report with the details of each expense, print it, sign it, and send it for approval. They should develop an app in order to just take a photo of the ticket, fill in the app the details, and submit it electronically for approval. 

Deployment Issues:

There were no issues with the deployment.

Stability Issues:

It is true that we are not as happy as we would like in terms of syncing. Sometimes it takes a long time, but we are working on this. We need to move a large amount of data and it is obviously a problem in and of itself.

Scalability Issues:

It's been able to scale for our needs.

Other Solutions Considered:

We evaluated other solutions, but in the end we always found problems trying to connect with Siebel or trying to have the same app work under iOS and Android. This is why we chose MCF as it allows us to do both.

Other Advice:

It is important to choose a good partner to go with.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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