Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Review

One of the benefits of it is the usage of the principle ‘write once, execute anywhere’.

Valuable Features

It is a clever integration tool to extract data from every possible source, and it can transform the source data to a format the targets can handle. It is suitable for data warehouses and data migrations.

Improvements to My Organization

We replaced many manual actions and tasks with mappings in Oracle Data Integrator, and created schedules, and then used SOA Suite services to automatically transfer large data amounts between different systems.

Room for Improvement

The integration between the Oracle Repository and versioning tools like TortoiseSVN.

Use of Solution

We’ve used 11G for four years, and 12.1.3 for two years.

Deployment Issues

One of the benefits of it is the usage of the principle ‘write once, execute anywhere’. You set up the architecture in the topology within Oracle Data Integrator.

Stability Issues

We've experienced no issues with performance.

Scalability Issues

We haven't needed to scale it yet.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We haven't needed to use it yet.

Previous Solutions

Previously we used Oracle Warehouse builder, and custom made PL/SQL data warehouses. We’ve chosen Oracle Data integrator over other solutions because it is the successor of Oracle Warehouse builder, and Oracle Data Integrator provides a more structured working-method, and the data warehouse is easier to maintain.

Initial Setup

The installation is rather straightforward, with the available documentation it must be possible to do the installation by yourself. You must have sufficient knowledge of Oracle Data Integrator to make the correct decisions during the creation of the architectural setup.

Implementation Team

We used an in-house team but hired interim experts, and created a team with combined knowledge levels, from rooky to expert. The initial setup is rather complex, and needs an experienced architect to make the correct decisions. The change of success is highly depending on the decisions that are made during the setup.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I have no info on the ROI or the licensing, but I know the license costs are high, so Oracle Data Integrator is only suitable for the larger companies.

Other Advice

To benefit the most of Oracle Data Integrator it is important to assemble a team with the experience to make the project a success.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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