Oracle Database Review

The Autolink login is an important feature in the environment that we are in now.

Valuable Features

The Autolink login is an important feature in the environment that we are in now. The product can also handle any size data, which is valuable because we have a variety of differently sized databases. There is a lot of support for the product and a lot of customizable features and build-ons.

Room for Improvement

The addition of a feature that better manages auditing and tuning would be useful for us. There are tuning features available already, but I am not yet skilled in those, so I don’t know if they are improvements, and currently, this is one of my biggest challenges.

Use of Solution

We have used Oracle Database for about 20 years.

Stability Issues

I have not had that many problems with stability over the years. I have found one bug personally, but other than that the Database has been pretty clean.

Scalability Issues

There are many different options for scaling. You can scale to whatever size you want by adding hardware, partitioning your data, or using some of Oracle’s different technologies.

Customer Service and Technical Support

There is a good knowledge base within the community of Oracle users that you can search to find information about your issues. You can often just Google search problems too.

If you submit a ticket with Oracle, they have a support system. While we get good support on our tickets, it can be challenging. Sometimes the support team disagrees with what you want to do and tells you to work in a different way. They also get frustrated with undocumented features, and if you have written code that you were not supposed to that runs in the current release, it could be prohibited in an additional release, forcing you to rewrite your code.

Initial Setup

We have not had any major problems with upgrading. Like I said in regards to technical support, sometimes you have to do some recoding, but for the most part, upgrades have been pretty smooth. If your work is vanilla, you are fine. If you are trying to do some of the cutting edge stuff, there can be issues.

Other Advice

Make sure you know what pieces you need, since Oracle has a lot of components and add-ons that you can buy. Also, make sure you know what you are going to do with the product before you buy it, and research the marketplace to see if it is the best product for your needs. While there are many options, Oracle is recognized as one of the leaders in the marketplace. You just have to see if it is worth the money for what you want to do with it. I would rate it an eight out of ten.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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