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Oracle E-Business Suite Review
The extensibility that we've needed over the past several years is the most valuable feature for us. The complexity around configuration and deployment need improving.

Valuable Features:

The extensibility that we've needed over the past several years is the most valuable feature for us.

Improvements to My Organization:

It's allowed us to add our own customizations to it, which is highly important to our organization. We have many, many customized processes that we've needed to add on top of it in order to bring value to our company.

Room for Improvement:

The complexity around configuration and deployment need improving. When I look at some of my previous companies, they spent millions of dollars on deployment and even just doing an upgrade. We did an upgrade two years ago and it took quite a bit of an investment just to upgrade as-is.

Deployment Issues:

Deployment is complex and expensive.

Stability Issues:

Since we upgraded two years ago, it's been very stable. We haven't had any issues with instability since then.

Scalability Issues:

There have been many times in which we could have used additional initial processing power, but we were constrained by the licensing structure we were in. That's prevented us from scaling to the extent we wanted.

Technical Support:

We just dropped our maintenance with Oracle last year and have gone to a third-party service provider. It was less than half of the cost, and we didn't see the value of the money that we were spending at the time with Oracle.

Initial Setup:

I wasn't involved with the company that I'm at now, and it was definitely complex in the previous companies that I've been with. 

Cost and Licensing Advice:

The re-licensing is a large cost proposition so we may be looking at alternatives, I think, in the next couple of years.

Other Advice:

I definitely think it's an investment. It's definitely a very robust product, so it's just going to depend on what type of investment a company is willing to make and what their future plans are as well.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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