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Oracle E-Business Suite Review
We are using it for our entire supply chain flow management.

Valuable Features

This is our ERP and we are using it for our entire supply chain flow, i.e., from the start of the billing to the shipping process. We are using the Oracle E-Business Suite for mainly our supply chain management.

Room for Improvement

We are looking for improvement in the response time that we get.

In addition, we are not getting regular updates in terms of their patches. Many times, we log a SR and then we get a response from Oracle that they need to apply a patch. Thus, if they can inform us ahead of time for such issues, it will really help.

Use of Solution

I have been using this product for more than 10 years.

Stability Issues

It's quite stable. We have had no downtime. It's working fine. It's quite stable for us.

Scalability Issues

We are looking for more scalability. It should be more scalable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

The support at Oracle is good. It's not very good but good.

The Oracle support is through the Oracle MetaLink, where you open up the Oracle SR and then get the support needed. For this, we spend at least a day or two to provide them with information and it is time consuming. Hence, I think it's good.

However, in case of any urgency, we need to go with the escalation route to get the support that is needed and need to go over the issue with them. We need to struggle in terms of getting the right support. They have support in both the US and Indian time zones. Sometimes, we don't get the right support person in the Oracle SR call and that is also one of the struggles that we have with Oracle.

Initial Setup

It is straightforward and quite good. In the Oracle application, we don't have an issue with that.

Other Advice

We are looking for reliability whilst selecting a vendor. They should be more knowledgeable in the supply chain area. They should have proper knowledge in the domain area and that's what we look for.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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