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Oracle E-Business Suite Review
Manual activities are being automated. We don't spend hours generating invoices and accounting reports.

Valuable Features

Oracle E-Business Suite is a financial and accounting reporting tool that we use for accounts payable, creating invoices, and accounts receivable. We process a lot of transactions, so the greatest benefit is that all manual activities are being automated. We don't have to spend hours to generate invoices and accounting reports. All the manual insurance processes have been automated, making it easy for the business to handle day-to-day business activities.

Room for Improvement

I think the standard reports in the AR and the GM modules need improvement. I would like to see a few new reports, including customized reports and summaries.

Use of Solution

We have been using Oracle for almost five years.

Stability Issues

Oracle E-Business Suite is quite stable. We did have some challenges when we when we started, but now it is more or less stable. The system was not initially optimized to find the transaction database. When we upgraded our systems in May, it took almost two to three months before our Oracle E-Business Suite implementation matched the business systems. Now everything is working smoothly.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We use technical support very often. We open service requests, and if the ticket level is a seven, we see a good response. They need to improve on their turnaround time on the Sev 2 and Sev 3 service requests.

Previous Solutions

We used to be PeopleSoft, which was a financial system, and it was not meeting all our business requirements, and was not scalable. That's why we switched to Oracle. Additionally, Oracle is more compatible with PeopleSoft than SAP.

Initial Setup

When we introduced Oracle E-Business Suite, I was part of the implementation team. We used to be PeopleSoft, so I was part of the PeopleSoft internal auditing team, and I was also involved with the upgrade. The new implementation was very challenging because we needed to do a lot of customization. There were also many new business requirements at that point in time. But, when we later performed an upgrade, it was not too complex.

Other Solutions Considered

We did evaluate SAP, but found Oracle to be more compatible with our financial systems.

Other Advice

Our most important criteria is that the applications be more customer centered, and that manual activities are automated.

Oracle E-Business Suite is a very awesome product. It has a lot of capabilities, and you can gain a lot of business knowledge through it.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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