Oracle Enterprise Manager Review

Valuable reporting and tuning features. Improved my companies central reporting and management tool for Oracle database

Valuable Features:

Reporting and tuning

Improvements to My Organization:

Central reporting and management tool for Oracle database and middle-tier products

Room for Improvement:

BI Publisher integration; EM CLI commands

Use of Solution:

Four years

Deployment Issues:

Agent deployments are easy

Stability Issues:

Not with 12c OEM

Scalability Issues:


Previous Solutions:

Home-built shell scripts required maintenance, incurred higher overhead, and exposed the company to risk if a key employee left

Initial Setup:

Initial installation of 12c OEM is convenient and straightforward

Implementation Team:

In-house implementation

Cost and Licensing Advice:

OEM required 1.5 full-time employees during setup and still requires that much support in production

Other Solutions Considered:


Other Advice:

There are several sources of information including IOUG and
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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