Oracle Hyperion Review

It’s lightweight and stable. The simplified interface has gaps in the workspace.

Valuable Features

We used another product that was Excel based previously, but Planning is more on the web and lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the Excel versions. It’s also centrally managed.

Room for Improvement

The biggest issue we have had for end users was that we lost control of functionality. Some of the problems we have had have since been fixed, but we are having issues with tabbing in all directions and scrolling through in ADF. They fixed this in a simplified interface, but it only lets you launch one application at a time. We cannot move to that interface because we are dependent on the shared workspace launching multiple planning applications.

Use of Solution

I’ve used Planning for four years.

Stability Issues

The product is more stable than our last solution. Initially, you will have problems, but once you settle, you settle down.

Scalability Issues

We came from and upgraded to We scale in horizontal multiple planning instances. We don’t have insight into how it was doing in terms of load balancing, but sometimes we go to equal memory use rather than the CPU usage. There is no way to track it, but it’s easy to scale out. The difficult part in where we are seeing a performance issue right now is where we have multiple instances. We have them both up and running, but there are issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

If it is a priority one ticket, they tend to have the information. If they already have the knowledge to help us, the issue flows through. They don’t have information support though, so there can be weeks or months of back and forth. I also go to the Oracle community when I check for batches of the latest things. There is some useful information and Community is an easy tool.

Initial Setup

We did a non product replace upgrade because we are not replacing the hardware infrastructure. We also did a parallel enrollment running because we did not want to take a risk. The parallel enrollment ran with a fresh install from 11.1 to 1 and we then went our own way because Oracle told us that we shouldn’t migrate directly from to We moved the data when we went live and all the facts came through.

Other Advice

Based on the number of products available right now, I definitely think this is one of the good products. They might have issues in the current version, but hopefully those will get fixed soon. The simplified interface is coming up to level but we may still have gaps on the workspace with that simplified interface.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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User at a construction company with 10,001+ employeesUser

We use Hyperion to consolidate data about our numbers. It's really a very good tool.

20 September 16
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