Oracle OBIEE Review
The reporting is valuable, and you can visualize data in a user-friendly way. There are bugs in the web services.

Valuable Features

The reporting is the most valuable feature. Also, the look and feel of the reports is really good. You can visualize the data in a user-friendly way. That's the main value.

Improvements to My Organization

How it benefits the organization is that we use it for a wide variety of things; we use it for billing and we use it for finance. We use it for so many of the regular basic daily use cases. We send data to our customers based on that. They review what we send and make decisions based on that. We do our billing with it, so that's the main aspect.

Room for Improvement

The web services are pretty weak. There are so many bugs in it and it doesn’t support that many features. That's weird. I think other kinds of solutions are meeting the market. If they improve it, then it would be really good. They could move into new companies in new markets.

Other than that, lots of open-source tools are coming up, which are competing. The licensing part is an issue. Open-source products are free. This tools is mostly used for non-revenue-generating functions, so its reports do not generate any revenue. People are always asking why they should pay a license fee. Why use a licensed tool when it does not make any money.

Stability Issues

It's a very stable product.

Scalability Issues

I think you can have 16 nodes. It's pretty scalable. I have not seen any scalability issues, so far.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have used technical support in the past. They are okay. They're not that helpful at times, but the documentation is really good. They have documents to which we can refer. That's where they're pretty useful.

Previous Solutions

We used to use another solution. In this company, I think they were using Cognos. It was pretty expensive and performance was not that great. We moved to this solution. Performance is okay here. It's not really that great but it's stable; it’s a stable product.

Initial Setup

I was involved in the setup and I was involved with migration for various versions. I worked with an earlier version of this product, which was called Siebel Analytics. Then Oracle acquired Siebel and they named it as Oracle BI. I've done various large upgrades for three or four companies.

Other Solutions Considered

With Oracle, with the BI specifically, there are so many outside tools. There’s MicroStrategy and Tableau. The basic difference between Tableau and Oracle BI is the volume of the data BI can hold; Tableau can't hold as much data. That's the major difference. Also, the stability of the product is really good.

Other Advice

Determine the use cases. First write down the use cases and then look for the product that satisfies all these use cases. That would be my advice.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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