Oracle OBIEE Review
We use the previewing script to convert from Oracle Financials to OBIEE.

Valuable Features:

It is flexible, which is important. It has a previewing script, so it's easy for us to convert from Oracle Financial to OBIEE.

Improvements to My Organization:

I know the financial users are very happy with the analytical reporting results.

Room for Improvement:

I think that the system catalog. The system catalog is metadata not only for the OBIEE; it can also be communicated with other incoming sources. It doesn't matter what the source is that it's coming from, maybe from EBS, maybe from PeopleSoft. Then you can interface with the other source’s system metadata to complete the integration.

I think that in the data warehouse, you need to have an ETL layer for imported data, ODS layer, warehouse layer, an information layer. I would prefer that you could extract it complete from the source into the database, and stage it there.

Stability Issues:

Since we only just implemented it about 1.5 years ago, we still haven't gone live yet. We still have a lot of security issues that need to be resolved, so we don't know.

Scalability Issues:

Since we are a very small organization of only about 2,000 employees, scale is not a big issue for us.

Previous Solutions:

We were using MicroStrategy. Before that we were using Oracle Discoverer. We moved from Oracle Discoverer to MicroStrategy, and we eventually came to OBIEE. I think that we probably switched because of the vendor, and that it is more scalable because Oracle supports this product. So the long-term investment is better than going with MicroStrategy.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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