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Oracle Solaris Review
I've worked with different flavors of Unix, but I chose Solaris. I like the constant innovation in the software and hardware.

Primary Use Case

I work with Solaris Operating systems since a lot of years, every day, as technical support specialist 

Improvements to My Organization

I've worked with different flavors of Unix, but I chose Solaris. I like the constant innovation in the software and hardware.

I've worked with servers E25k, T5, M5, M5-32 and some other older servers. All of them have excellent performance in virtualization, zones, and LDOMs.

Solaris lets you isolate zones and migrate them to other servers. You can also move old releases of OS's from obsolete hardware to containers installed in new hardware.

Valuable Features

The most valuable features for me are:

Virtualization (Containers, Zones, Security, PDOM's, LDOM's)

Performance, ZFS, Debugging with Dtrace

Room for Improvement

There are some areas that could use some improvement. As with Solaris 10, you can install Solaris 11 on SPARC and x86 systems, but the number of non-Oracle x86 systems certified up to this point is less that with the previous version. In spite of that, you can still install Solaris 11 on a varied number of systems as 'bare metal' or you can resort to virtualization via many of the softwares available for that in the market. The certification of third-party hardware is usually a lengthy process and requires a lot of resources, so it would be understandable if this takes a long time.

Stability Issues

Solaris is very stable, and most of the "panics" are caused by third-parties, generally when information security applications add modules into the kernel or when some hardware failure occurs.

Scalability Issues

Oracle Sparc servers are the best for scalability. With Solaris, for example ZFS, it's a filesystem of 128 bits that allows storage of 256 trillion zettabytes, metadata are assigned dynamically, so it's not necessary to assign nodes beforehand or to limit the filesystem scalability when it's created. The directory can have up to 256 billion entries and there isn't a limit to the number of filesystem or file that may be in ZFS.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by phone and web service where you can open a case, upload files, and an engineer can be assigned in less 3 hours depending on severity of the case.

Technical Support:

The technical staff and field engineers who interact with customers are really professional, capable, have very good dispositions and they work with a high level of excellence.

Previous Solutions

I worked on various Unix systems, but I feel very comfortable working on Solaris. I'm aware of the evolution of Linux systems in the world because of the cost, but I don't feel the need to change for the time because this OS offers me compatibility and scalability that the company needs where I work.

Initial Setup

When I decided the work on the Solaris platform, it was a personal decision. I didn't stop other Unix systems becuase of the complexity of these OS's, but rather by a timely challenge I had to build a cluster between 2 nodes of SunFire 6800. After that the E25k servers arrived and then the virtualization, and I liked working on Solaris more each time.

Implementation Team

When we do an implementation, we work together with an Oracle team and my colleague, Nicolas, and I start by connecting the power cords to the installation and configure the OS. We also provide support to development teams to this applications.

About the level of technicians, the level is excellent and they all provide great value with their experience


The economic investment is not my area of expertise, but I can talk about investment if I think about everyday learning working on this OS which return me the invest time on the initial installation and the low administrative maintenance, so I can spend less time to solve problems that software and hardware can have.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I can't talk about prices. Solaris is free for final users, and in the case of OEM licenses, you should visit www.oracle.com.

Other Solutions Considered

I always evaluate other options with Sparc. I analyze if one server is more convenient than another or what cards to add. At my company, one specific area evaluates the costs of an implementation and then it decides the direction to take, so when the road leads to Solaris, my evaluation can help them to make a decision.

Other Advice

I always recommend Solaris because of its robustness, high availability, scalability, virtualization, excellent support, security and very good hardware.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Erik BennerReal User

I have also found that performance on Solaris is a major plus. Java just likes the OS :-)

Like (1)24 April 16
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Rita NuñezReal UserTOP 5

Very good article. Super clear!

Like (1)16 May 16
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Yogesh RahejaConsultant

My experience says Solaris is one of the most Stable OS I have ever worked with.

Like (2)30 May 16
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Diego E. AguirreReal UserTOP 5POPULAR

Yes Michele, I agree and virtualization too.

Like (1)25 August 16
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Hernan TiradoReal User

Good article Diego !!!

Like (1)25 November 16
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Diego E. AguirreReal UserTOP 5POPULAR

Thanks Hernan !!!

Like (0)25 November 16
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