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Oracle Solaris Review
By standardising the infrastructure, we were able to reduce the number of physical hosts.

Valuable Features:

Built-in virtualisation (Zones / LDOMS), ZFS, SMF, and FMA.

Improvements to My Organization:

By standardising the infrastructure, we were able to reduce the number of physical hosts. We got rid of file system corruption (thanks to ZFS). Enlarging the file system was as easy as eating the candy.

Room for Improvement:

The product itself is great. I would like to see whether other companies start developing for Solaris.

Use of Solution:

I have been using Solaris 11 for four years and Sun Cluster 4.1 for three years.

Deployment Issues:

I’ve never had a problem with deployment (well-configured Jumpstart and AI). We have noted almost no hardware failures. Due to Solaris Cluster 4.1’s Live Migration future, we have achieved 99.9999% service uptime.

Technical Support:

The level of customer service varies depending on the geo zone, but mostly Oracle support is very good and quick with providing the resolution for problems.

Initial Setup:

Because we have designed our boxes in a very complex way, the setup took some time and it’s not a straightforward (click, click) setup. It requires skills to create a well-functioning environment. That is why people who have never worked with Solaris or had “one date” with it should never set up any Solaris box.

Implementation Team:

We implemented the product in-house. I recommend reading the documentation and not assuming that if you know Linux, you know Solaris.

Other Solutions Considered:

Concurrently we have used HP blades with VMware for our Linux environment. Due to fact that not all of the applications were running on Solaris, it has cost us much more effort to make those three work together. It is more time consuming to deploy VM on that environment than on Solaris.

Other Advice:

If you have never done it or you do not have a sufficient amount of experience, hire an external consultant or an Oracle consultant to do the job.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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