Oracle SQL Developer Review

I can see all of the database objects within each schema, edit them and create new ones.

Valuable Features

The most valuable features are being able to see all of the database objects – every single one of them – within each schema; being able to edit them; and being able to create objects. My whole job is done in there.

Improvements to My Organization

The solution I've created is revenue forecasting and our organization goes to Wall Street with the earnings call, with the forecast. So it's very valuable to the finance department.

Room for Improvement

I would say the layout should be improved. I've also have used PL/SQL Developer, and I like the layout, the landscape, of that application better than SQL Dev. Even though, in SQL Dev, you can highlight every single view and save the DDL, where you can't do that in PL/SQL Developer, the layout is what I would suggest as far as an area with room for improvement.

Stability Issues

SQL Developer is very stable; never had an issue.

Scalability Issues

I only work on a Lenovo Windows machine. I don't work on Apples. I don't know if it's scalable there or not.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I have used technical support for this solution and they get back within 24 hours with a user-friendly answer. It's very good.

Previous Solutions

The company actually was using Toad, by Quest, and it's very expensive. It's user friendly but a developer shouldn’t need a super user-friendly solution. Also, SQL Developer's free; it comes with the install, the Oracle client.

When I’m selecting a vendor such as Oracle, the most important criteria is look for is reliability.

Initial Setup

I installed it: downloaded, installed, configured; very easy.

Other Solutions Considered

I chose this product because it has a solution for all our needs, such as reporting, the PI, the development, the jobs themselves run on/out of the Oracle database. It was the total solution.

Other Advice

Read as much as you can. Just use it. I've been doing this for 25 years, so it's very easy to me. The more you do it, the easier it is.

It's just the best out there.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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