Oracle Taleo Review

It works okay. Putting the requisitions through doesn't take long.

Valuable Features:

Recruiting. Putting the requisitions through takes around 5 minutes at the most. If you know you have the job description ready, just plug it in.

Room for Improvement:

I don't know, for my purposes it works fine. In terms of support, I have all the support I need. It's here in the cloud. It's very easy to put a req through. Very easy.

I don't have any negatives, as of now, because I don't use it too often. Usually when I post a req I have a couple of recruiters that work with me and I just push a couple of buttons on the e-mail and they send me candidates. So I have the candidates already. In the process I have to publish it for internal hiring, for maybe external hiring, and it was really, really smooth. Taleo is one of the products that really gave me very little pain. I'm not saying the same about HR Fusion. Because when Oracle claims that, "Oh, it's all on the business side," it's not. They started with one support person, expert of all experts, in my team. And now I have three. So it does require IT support. A lot.

Use of Solution:

I've been using it for two years. Taleo which is Infusion, that one two years. And we have been using Taleo here and there. Not an expert on the previous ones. Not a big expert on the current one. I'm more of a user and my team supports Taleo. But it's not a lot of problems for what we do. It's all in the cloud.#

Stability Issues:

If you find a way how to find the right person in Oracle to help you, but we don't have a lot of problems with Taleo, I will be honest with you.

Scalability Issues:

We have a little piece of Taleo for recruiting only. That's what we have. It works okay. I've found good resources using Taleo. It saved me a lot of time. I just put requisition in and then I just grab the candidates, the resumes, and I scan them. Okay, I want this guy, I don't want that guy. The rest is done by HR. So it's less trouble for me as a manager, and I am dealing with a very special group of people. I need experts and it's not easy to find them. So probably 70 resumes go to the garbage bin.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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